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Sikh Historian Bhai Ajmer Singh on Declaration of Khalistan (4 June 2016)

Bhai Ajmer Singh was invited in view of his work on historiography, analysis and review of the Sikh struggle to present his view point on Declaration of Khalistan.

Special Talk With Bhai Ajmer Singh on Current Situation of Sikh Panth, Electoral Politics & Armed Struggle

Sikh Siyasat News (SSN) editor Parmjeet Singh talked to Bhai Ajmer Singh about contemporary situation of the Sikh panth and stagnation in Sikh politics.

White House Responds to Khalistan Petition But Refuse to Comment on “Specific Policy Issue”

The White House has responded to a petition titled: "August 15th is NOT Independence Day For Sikhs. SUPPORT the Liberation of Indian Occupied Punjab to Create KHALISTAN".

Counter Intelligence of Punjab police arrests 3 alleged KZF members

The Counter-Intelligence wing of the Punjab Police yesterday claimed to arrest of three persons allegedly linked to the Khalistan Zindabad Force (KZF).

The Spirit of the 18th Century: Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale [SPECIAL ARTICLE]

This monograph addresses the misgivings of Sikhs and non-Sikhs regarding Darbar Sahib, also known as The Golden Temple, being the epicenter during the Indian army ...

Observe June 6 as ‘Khalistan Day’ and honor words of Sant Bhindranwale: Dal Khalsa

Dal Khalsa today made a fervent appeal to Sikhs worldover to observe June 6 as ‘Khalistan Day’, stating that the step would be a great honour and real homage to Sikh icon Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindrawale whose last words were “"If the Indian Army attacks the Darbar Sahib, then the foundation stone of Khalistan will be laid”.

Indian Agencies’ alert to Canada on Sikh activism: Indian rulers creating boegy of so-called terrorism, Dal Khalsa

According to a press release issued the Dal Khalsa, [S]ikh leader Gajinder Singh living in exile has taken strong objection to his name being linked to alleged efforts to revive terror activities in India from Canadian soil saying his organisation Dal Khalsa was pursuing its political objective of Khalistan through peaceful and democratic means.

EXCLUSIVE REPORT: Unification of Khalistani Groups- Dal Khalsa and Panch Pardhani

While the established political parties of Punjab are busy gearing up for another innings at the hustings early next year, two hard-line groups –the Dal Khalsa and Panch Pardhani have closed ranks and formed a single entity retaining the name “Dal Khalsa” to push and pursue their agenda of an independent and sovereign Punjab (Khalistan).

Dal Khalsa, Panch Pardhani Unified Structure to strengthen struggle for Khalistan: Kanwar Pal Singh

Dal Khalsa and Akali Dal Panch Pardhani announced unification on May 20 at Gurdwara Sahib, Sector 34, Chandigarh.

EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Dal Khalsa President Bhai Harpal Singh Cheema (May 20, 2016)

Sikh Siyasat News (SSN) talked to Bhai Harpal Singh Cheema about unification and future policies of the Dal Khalsa.

Pro-freedom groups retain the nomenclature of Dal Khalsa, determined to push self-determination agenda

While the established political parties of Punjab are busy gearing up for another innings at the hustings early next year, two pro-freedom Sikh groups –the Dal Khalsa and Panch Pardhani have closed ranks and formed a single entity retaining the name “Dal Khalsa” to push and pursue their agenda of an independent and sovereign state called Khalistan.

Shoes hurled at Capt. Amarinder Singh in Fresno, California; Khalistan slogans raised

As per media reports shoes and bottles were hurled at former Punjab chief minister Captain Amarinder Singh during a gathering in Fresno, California yesterday.

Mann Dal disappointed by Bhai Mohkam Singh’s statement on Khalistan issue

The Shiromani Akali Dal Amritsar (Mann) has expressed disappointment of recent statement by United Akali Dal (UAD) chief Bhai Mohkam Singh. In a recent video interview Bhai Mohkam Singh had said that he does not support the agenda of Khalistan anymore.

Australian Sikh Sangat to mark Khalistan Day on April 30

Sikh sangat of Gurdwara Sahib Guru Gobind Singh, Glossop (Riverland) SA Australia will be holding a samagam to mark “the Khalistan Day” on April 30, 2016.

Blacklist issue is a trap being used by India to cause conflict: Sikh Federation UK

Following the Sikh Genocide in 1984, many Sikhs abroad protested and the Indian intelligence agencies determined hundreds of leading Sikhs that came on their radar were ‘anti-national’ and started what has popularly come to be known as the ‘blacklist’.

I would prefer to die as a rebel of India: Manmohan Singh Khalsa’s reaction on shunting of socalled Black List

Dal Khalsa UK leader Bhai Manmohan Singh (UK) has declared that he would not return to Punjab in any facilitation by the Indian state and would prefer to die as a "rebel of India".

Support for idea of Khalistan over Social Media: Sukhbir want Centre to take strict action

Punjab Deputy Chief Minister and president of ruling Shiromani Akali Dal Sukhbir Badal yesterday said that he had demanded strict action against those supporting the idea of Khalistan over social media.

No Khalistan resolution was passed during Sarbat Khalsa 2015, says Gurdeep Singh Bathinda

During his court appearance at a local court in Bathinda yesterday S. Gurdeep Singh Bathinda maintained that no resolution was passed in favour of Khalistan during Sarbat Khalsa 2015 gathering that was held at village Chabba on November 10.

Patiala MP Dharamvira Gandhi advocates debate on Khalistan issue

Suspended Aam Aadmi Party MP from Patiala Dr. Dharamvir Gandhi said on Sunday (Nov. 22) that there should be free and open discussion on the issue of Khalistan should be allowed as the "idea exists in society".

Letter of Sukhdev Singh Sukha and Harjinder Singh Jinda to Indian President

Theoretically, it is appropriate to clarify that our Rastrya (nation) is the Khalsa Panth absorbed into the Guru Granth Sahib. We took the first vital steps towards the destination of Khalistan by touching our foreheads with the footdust of this nation. The elimination of Mr. Vaidya, the General of your forces engaged in destroying the Khalsa Panth and its power, was a holy act on our difficult path of martyrdom. It has once again brought the historical truth to light the urge of the Khalsa Panth to breathe in freedom, its self respect and honor cannot be finished.

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