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Agitated over reporting on Ashutosh’s death – Noormehal Dera (DJJS) bans entry of media inside dera premises

February 7, 2014 | By

Jalandhar, Punjab (February 07, 2014): It is learnt that Dera Noormehal or the so-called Divya Divya Jyoti Jagriti Sansthan (DJJS) has banned media inside the dera.

The dera had been keeping secrecy over the suspected death of controversial godman and dera head ‘Ahutosh’, whole dead body is not shown to any outsider, including the police administration. Some media sections had reported that except few from the dera management, none else, including dera followers, were allowed to see Ashutosh’s dead body.

According to a news published on YesPunjab.Com, an online news portal by senior journalist H. S. Bawa: “Caught on the wrong foot over its claims denying the death of Divya Jyoti Jagriti Sansthan (DJJS) head Ashutosh, the dera management on Thursday (February 06) barred the entry of the media to the premises”.

Dera Noormehal [Source: YesPunjab.Com]

All media OB (outdoor broadcasting) vans have been told to leave the dera and allowed by the police to be stationed on the busy Nakodar-Nurmahal road.

According to information a few print media-persons who managed to get into the dera were not allowed to enter the core premises, where the office of the sect is situated.

DJJS spokesman Swami Vishalananda, in a statement, said the way media had reported the issue had hurt the sentiments of followers of the dera head.

“We request the media to publish the news keeping in mind the faith of crores of sect disciples,” said Vishalananda.

The sect spokesman also targeted Puran Singh, Ashutosh’s former driver, who had filed a public interest litigation (PIL) in the Punjab and Haryana high court, alleging the sect head’s illegal confinement by four of its members.

According to news published on YesPunjab.Com (YP): [t]he sansthan’s personal security wing cordoned off the entire dera premises on Thursday (Feb. 06).

A few employees of the electronic media were reportedly threatened by dera men over airing anything against the dera.

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