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Copy of Document Released by the Dal Khalsa on 50 Years of Punjabi Suba (Punjabi Version)

November 3, 2016 | By

Chandigarh: On the completion of 50 years of present Punjab, the Dal Khalsa and Sikh Federation UK has published a booklet titled a litany of 50 Years of blood-soaked, weeping, struggling Punjab.

The booklet was released at a conference held by the Dal Khalsa, AISSF and Sikh Youth of Punjab on Nov. 01, 2016 at Village Pheruman (District Amritsar) to highlight the misrule of the Union and state governments in the last 50 years and the wrath and devious machinations of the Indian state faced by Sikhs and Punjabis.

Punjabi version of the document reads as follows:

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