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Historian MGS Narayanan On Jan Gan Man Anthem: India Not a Single Nation But Federation Of Nationalities

December 29, 2016 | By

Chandigarh: Historian M G S Narayanan has termed the Supreme Court of India’s ruling on making the Jan Gan Man Anthem mandatory before movie screening as “stupidity”. Calling it a good example of judicial overreach, the former chairman of the Indian Council of Historical Research (ICHR) said there was no need to justify or criticise the same as the order will fail on its own if people don’t make it fail.

MGS Narayanan, a former chairman of ICHR.[Photo Courtesy You Tube]

While talking to a Weekly Malyalam vernacular Mr Narayanan said ““People who come to cinemas for entertainment don’t need to be force-fed nationalism. This move to impose nationalism won’t succeed. In fact, it will fail.

Further he added that “We can call the union of India a federation of nationalities, but not a nation. I have never felt it is a nation,” According to him  national anthem comes into relevance only when there is a feeling of nationalism. But this feeling cannot be created by force, it should come naturally,” in addition to it he said the efforts to force these feelings will in the end have a negative impact.

Media further reported that M G S Narayanan was appointed head of ICHR during NDA rule, “Moreover these moves reminded him of a “dictatorial minority”, which was against the concept of democracy and Article 51(A) in our Constitution is clear that the respect of our country and its symbols is not something that should be achieved through judicial force,”  he said. In addition to it he quoted the 1986 Supreme Court of India’s ruling in the case pertaining to students from the Jehova’s Witness community underlines that our culture teaches us tolerance and our spiritual leaning espouses tolerance.

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