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Stones Pelted at Sukhbir Badal’s Conclave in Jalalabad village; Kandhwala Hazar Khan turned into police cant

January 8, 2017 | By

Fazilka: As per reports emanating from Jalalabad (Fazilka), people pelted stones at conclave of Punjab’s Deputy CM Sukhbir Badal at village Kandhwala Hazar Khan. Sukhbir Badal was reportedly leaving the village after addressing an election gathering when people reportedly expressed their anger and pelted stones at Sukhbir Badal’s conclave.

Stones plated on Sukhbir Badal’s vehicle in Jalalabad village

According to a report in Daily Ajit (website update) after Sukhbir Badal’s vehicle passed away the mob vandalised three to four vehicles of Sukhbir Badal’s supporters. It further states that ‘prominent’ persons were also injured but no body was ready to openly come out.

The police hastily removed the vandalised vehicles from the spot and village Kandhwala Hazar Khan is eventually turned into a police camp.

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