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NDTV Apologises for Unverified News Reporting About Alleged Fatwa Against Singer Nahid Afrin

March 15, 2017 | By

New Delhi: NDTV India, one of the main TV News channels of the region, today offered an apology during Prime Time show for reporting an unverified news about alleged fatwa against singer Nahid Afrin.

Indian Media was carrying reports today that 46 Assam Mullahs have issued a “fatwa” against singer Nahid Afrin.

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NDTV presenter Ravish Kumar said that media, these days, is making news out of unverified substance and even political class and persons holding constitutional posts gets engaged into reactions to such news, where as many times such news reports does not hold substance.

He said that even his own channel NDTV was engaged in carry one such news today. He then referred to news reports that forty-six Mullahs in Assam issued a fatwa against up-and-coming singer Nahid Afrin, who was the first runner-up in the 2015 season of a musical reality TV show, asking her to stop performing in public.

Later an NDTV editor offered apology and said that on investigations it was found that no such  fatwa was issued. He said that the alleged fatwa was actually a leaflet issued by 46 persons requesting people to not to get engaged in activities prohibited by Shariah.

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