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British Parliament in Lockdown After Attack: Media Reports

March 22, 2017 | By

London/Chandigarh: As per reports emanating from London, the British parliament is in lockdown after a police officer was stabbed and the alleged assailant shot by police. International media reports say that the authorities are treating the incident as a “terrorist incident” for now.

The Star Online notes that [s]everal people were injured on a nearby bridge in a separate incident.

“London metro police have said they are treating the incident as a terrorist attack until they have further details, adding that the situation was ongoing and urging people to stay away from surrounding areas” reads a report on Voice of America website.

File Photo of UK Parliament House

In a reconstruction of the timeline, the BBC said it appeared that a vehicle came off the bridge, drove into the fence outside Parliament and a man then ran into the main building where it was reported he wielded a knife, attacked a police officer and was shot.

Images aired by Sky News and the BBC showed people on the bridge and on the sidewalk near Parliament laying down on the ground and being treated by medical staff. At least 10 people were injured according to eyewitness reports while video footage showed a crashed car nearby.

The shooting took place along the road inside the gates of Parliament leading onto the square and police have closed streets around the area. One of the people on the ground appears to have been shot by a plain-clothes police officer, according to a witness account. The entire Parliament complex was put into lockdown.

According to CNN the Facebook has activated its safety check following the UK Parliament attack in London.

As per a BBC report Scottish Parliament suspends debate on second independence referendum following attack outside UK Parliament.

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