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Dal khalsa calls UN to initiate international inquiry into Nov 84 massacre and right to self determination to Punjab

November 1, 2017 | By

Bathinda: Calling it a systematic state-sponsored mass killings of Sikhs, the Dal Khalsa today sought intervention of United Nations for international inquiry into the November 1984 Sikh Genocide and grant of self determination to Punjab.

Dal Khalsa holds Sikh Genocide Remembrance March in Bathinda

The call was made at the conclusion of Sikh Genocide remembrance March held by the hardliner group to mark the 33 years of the Sikh massacre. Hundreds of activists carrying Kesri flags and placards marched on the streets starting from gurdwara Haji Rattan to Qila Mubarak. They chanted pro-Azadi slogans and waved placards with messages conveying their quest for independence. On Punjab day (Nov 1), they pledged to carry forward their struggle through peaceful and democratic means.

Former Takhat jathedar Giani Balwant Singh Nandgarh, Bhai Satnam Singh Kahndewala and other former Panj Pyare of Akal Takht Sahib and Gurdeep Singh Bathinda also participated in the Dal Khalsa function.

Dal Khalsa holds Sikh Genocide Remembrance March in Bathinda

Reiterating their mission for Sovereign and independent Punjab, the organization through a resolution stated that to stop the re-occurrence of Nov 1984 like carnage Azadi from India is the only answer. The United Nations must press upon the GoI to find a peaceful resolution of the conflict that give rise to genocidal pogroms against the Sikhs, like the one in Delhi in November 1984.

Party president H S Cheema while speaking to the spirited gathering said the nations that forget the Genocidal attacks should be prepared to face the worst. “Perpetuating bitter memories is imperative to thwart such designs from being repeated”.

Explaining the rationale behind the Remembrance march, Harpal Singh Cheema said the perpetrators of such inhuman crimes must be reminded of their horrendous actions and the people of the aggrieved community must remain alert forever. It is for the sufferer to decide as to how to carry forward that bitter past as a reminder to both the victim and the executioner.

Youth leader Paramjit Singh Tanda said Sikhs have exhausted all means to see the perpetrators behind the bars but justice still eludes them. Nine commissions and committee’s set up by GoI to probe the mass killings turned out to be damp squib.

Party spokesperson Kanwar Pal Singh said if citizens of Quebec and Scotland can get the right to self-determination in a peaceful manner, such a right should be guaranteed to the Sikhs, Kashmiris, and whoever has nationalistic aspirations and United Nations should ensure that this right is not snatched away from us by the state.

He said nationalities are expressing more and more about their quest for own state. The provincial govt of Catalonia have added a new leaf by holding referendum vote despite strong opposition from Spain.

Senior leader H S Dhami said the present incumbents to power in the country are clearly determined to create a Hindu state and they are entitled to their wishes and dreams. Similarly, we too are entitled to our regional, religious and nationalist aspirations by virtue of our birth, history and legacy and as per the UN charter.

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