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Netizens Express Solidarity with UK Citizen Jagtar Singh Johal (Jaggi) Arrested by Punjab Police; Seek Release with hashtag #FreeJaggiNow

November 12, 2017 | By

Chandigarh: Many social media users took to Twitter last evening to express solidarity with Jagtar Singh Johal alias Jaggi, a UK citizen arrested by Punjab police from Jalandhar on November 4. Punjab police has announced to book him various high-profile cases. Maintaining that Jagtar Singh was falsely implicated by the Punjab police, various social media users tweeted their statements with hashtag #FreeJaggiNow.

Twitter handle of Sikh Press Association said: Twitter hour organised by members of the Sikh community, today 6pm, raising awareness about Indian govt’s detainment of Sikh Scot citizen Jagtar Singh #FreeJaggiNow.

“Goes to get married gets falsely detained.
We need to help bring him home we need to stop him getting mistreated!!
#FreeJaggiNow” tweeted user named Suki Kaur who mentioned @drzeusworld @SikhYouthUK_ @KesriLeharScot @GNGSmethwick @Mrsinghs @Lions_MMA in her tweet.

“Sikh Scottish citizen, Jagtar Singh illegally arrested and detained by the Indian authorities. We demand that he is allowed legal representation #FreeJaggiNow” tweeted British Organisation of Sikh Students.


Police Remand of UK Citizen Extended Till Nov. 14; British Authorities Could Not Meet Him

More from Twitter about #FreeJaggiNow campaign by Social Media activists:





Relatives Claim Jagtar Singh UK Falsely Framed in Jagdish Gagneja and Other Cases

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