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Jagtar Singh Jaggi’s plea for Medical Examination by Board dismissed; Lawyer expresses Dissatisfaction

November 17, 2017 | By

Baghapurana/Moga: A court of judicial magistrate at Baghapurana today dismissed the application seeking medical examination of arrested UK citizen from a medical board consisting at least 3 medical experts and doctors to verify the allegations of torture.

The police told the court that Jaggi was got medically examined on regular basis thus there was no need to have him examined from the board. The police also denied the allegations of torture.

Expressing dissatisfaction over the court order, Jagtar Singh Jaggi’s counsel Advocate Jaspal Singh Manjhpur said that Jaggi had told him about his custodial torture.

Jagtar Singh Johal @ Jaggi in police custody at Baghapurana court

“Jaggi told me on Nov. 14 that he was tortured physically and mentally by police as his legs were forcibly stretched beyond limits and he was given electric shorts on nipples, ears and private parts”, said Advo. Jaspal Singh Manjhpur.

“As torture was a serious matter, we were expecting that the court would issue directions for Jaggi’s immediate medical examination by a medical board comprising at least 3 doctors and medical experts, said Advo. Jaspal Singh Manjhpur.

UPDATE:After Baghapurana, Now Ludhiana police want Remand of UK citizen Jagtar Singh Jaggi (Updated on: Nov 17, 2017 @ 20:58)

“Jaggi was first sent on police remand for 5 days on Nov. 5. He had no consular access on Nov. 10 was police presented him before duty magistrate in Moga. He revealed the fact of custodial torture on Nov. 14 when I met him during his court appearance. We moved the application but the court fixed Nov. 17 as the date for hearing the plea and today the court rejected our application. Though we have legal remedy of filing revision of magistrate’s order but it would cause further delay”, he added.

He maintained that any delay in holding medical examination defeats the purpose in case of torture by electric shocks as the signs of torture disappear with the passage of time.

On being asked about filing revision of magistrate’s order he said that he was yet to receive the detailed order of the court and any decision to file the revision would be taken after studying the detailed order.






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