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Hindu Outfit Ram Sena Leader Pramod Muthalik Claims Threat to Life from RSS

January 21, 2018 | By

Karnataka: Days after VHP leader Pravin Togadia claimed that someone is trying to kill him to muzzle his voice, now Sri Ram Sene founder Pramod Muthalik has said that he faces a threat to his life from former RSS colleagues.

Speaking to media, Pramod Muthalik reportedly said, “I am worried about my own people who can harm me. They are good at backstabbing. What happened to Pravin Togadia might happen to me too.”

Pramod Muthalik [FIle Photo]

He reportedly added: “My own people are after me. They don’t like my popularity. I am worried.”

He also claimed that top leader of the RSS in Karnataka, Mangesh Bhende, does not like him and they don’t want him in Karnataka.

Attacking RSS, he said that he had ‘wasted’ 40 years of his life for the RSS and was disillusioned now.

Last months, the Goa government extended the ban on Pramod Muthalik who is prohibited from entering the state since 2014, by another two months. The government has been prohibiting Pramod Muthalik from coming to Goa since 2014.

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