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Punjab Govt. Shifts Behbal Kalan Probe from Faridkot to Ferozepur Police; Dal Khalsa Terms it Eye-Wash

February 18, 2018 | By

Bathinda: In a sharp reaction to the shifting of Behbal Kalan probe from Faridkot to Ferozepur police, the Dal Khalsa said it’s another eye-wash to deny justice to aggrieved families.

Party president Advocate H S Cheema and vice-president Hardeep Singh Mehraj said prosecuting the real culprit of Behbal Kalan firing is a challenge to present Punjab government which Captain Amrinder Singh must accept and adequately respond. They said shifting the case from one district to another makes no sense as it is the same police that will handle the probe.

Pointing his finger towards the then DGP Sumedh Saini, they alleged that the orders for firing and cane-charging in which dozens of Sikh activists got injured beside deaths of Bhai Gurjit Singh Sarawan and Bhai Krishan Bhagwan Singh Niamiwala came from top.

It is highly regretful that the political willingness of previous and present governments to nail the perpetrators is totally missing. Rather both the governments were trying to shield the ‘state’s instruments’ like Sumedh Saini.

Like Badals, Amrinder Singh too have shown scant regard for rule of law and justice, siad Dal Khalsa leaders.

“We believe that he isn’t serious. He needs to inform the people about the so-called nationalistic reasons and circumstances that are stopping him to arrest the guilty police officers who ordered unprovoked firing on protesting sangat at Behbal Kalan as everything is already on record”, added they.

For justice seekers, the question is not of Sumedh Saini alone, said Harpal Singh Cheema and added that the question is of rule of law.

Dal Khalsa leaders argued that people’s faith in democracy and rule of law stood shattered. Dal Khalsa suggested setting up a truth Commission to investigate the role of the state police since 1984 till date.

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