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Indian Ambassador Accuses US Media for Picking up “Exceptional Stories” to Negatively Portray India

May 17, 2018 | By

Washington: Indian ambassador to the US Navtej Singh Sarna has alleged that the American media picks up “exceptions stories” to negatively portray India while ignore the “development news”. His remarks came during his address at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, a top American think tank. He was participating in a panel discussion during the opening session of the “US & India: From Estranged Democracies to Natural Allies”, organised by CSIS.

“There is a tendency to look at the social exception… there is a dowry case, there is a caste issue… so pick it up and splash it. But if there is a start-up story for instance… [they will say] that happens everywhere. Frankly it bothers me, but I do not lose sleep over it anymore… I used to [worry],” a report in Indian media quotes top Indian diplomat.

Indian Ambassador Navtej Singh Sarna

He maintained that by such a “negative” portrayal of India, the American media was doing an “injustice” to its public.

“These [negative] pieces just sound like oddities. They show the narrow mindset of the journalists, of the editor and marginalise them rather than marginalise us anymore,” the Indian Ambassador reportedly said.

“If they [the American media] want to survive and remain relevant, they should move on,” Sarna reportedly added.

It is notable that reports in US media had highlighted many serious issues concerning the society and oppressed sections of the Indian subcontinent, including the recent case of Kathua gangrape where and innocent 8 years old muslim girl was brutalised and killed by Hindutva supporters and the culprits were supported by the members of ruling party of India. An editorial in a major US media outlet had questioned the silence of otherwise vocal Indian prime minister on serious matters concerning minorities and women. It is further notable that major sections of Indian media are considered to have assumed the role of mouthpiece of the ruling regime of India these days and only a few voices dare to criticise the present dispensation.

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