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Karnataka High Court Fines Prof. Panditrao Dharenavar for filing Kirpan Awareness and Sikh Eduction PIL

July 11, 2018 | By

Karnataka: The High Court of Karnataka has reportedly imposed a fine of Rs 20,000 on an assistant professor of sociology of a Government college in Chandigarh. It is learnt that Panditrao Dhrenvar had filed a public interest litigation (PIL) raising a dozen demands including one which called for spreading awareness about Sikh Kirpan in wake of an incident in which residents of a village near Gulbarga had attacked a Sikh for wearing Kirpan. The High Court reportedly dubbed the PIL as “wholly unnecessary and meaningless”.

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Panditrao Dharenvar had interalia sought inclusion of Sikh history and culture especially about Bhai Sahib Singh and Mai Bhago in text books, given their relation with Bidar in Karnataka.

Prof. Panditrao Dharennavar reciting Jap Ji Sahib on “Hari Ki Paudi”, Haridwar

In his petition Panditrao Dharenvar had said that people of Karnataka think that ‘Kirpan’ is a mere knife and attack Sikh people. So the government should spread the message of ‘kirpan’ of the Sikhs. It also called for protection of migrant workers and protection of their unique identity.

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