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Insights About Panthic Politics in Prof. Harinder Singh Mehboob’s Work: Speech of Bhai Ajmer Singh

October 11, 2018 | By

Samvad, a discussion forum, held a memorial event in the memory of poet and Sikh visionary Prof. Harinder Singh Mehboob on October 2, 2018 at Village Jhoonda, Near Amargarh, in Sangrur District of Punjab.

Sharing his views on “Insights About Panthic Politics from Prof. Harinder Singh Mehboob’s Work”, Sikh political analyst Bhai Ajmer Singh said that though Prof. Harinder Singh Mehboob never actively participated in politics but his work do provides important insights about the ideal Panthic politics. This is full video recording of speech delivered by Bhai Ajmer Singh.

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