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University of Ottawa introduces New Sikh Diaspora and Punjabi Language Courses

December 8, 2018 | By

Ottawa, Canada: The University of Ottawa’s  Faculty of Arts has introduced new courses in Punjabi language and Sikh Diaspora. These courses will be available for students from January 2019. The courses will be open to community members.

“Punjabi Language course will include an introduction to the Punjabi language. The whole course will focus on oral, writing and reading comprehensions. This course will introduce students to the culture through poetry and literature”, a report on PTC News website notes.

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The Sikh Diaspora in Canada course will focus on the Sikhism’s historical context and its contribution to Canadian society. These courses were proposed by Prabhroop Chawla, a fourth year student in International Development and Globalisation at the University of Ottawa, last December.

In a span of four months, the courses were announced by the university administration.

Prabhroop Chawla is a Vancouver native who hails from a Punjabi Sikh family. When she first moved to Ottawa, she observed that Punjabi community in Ottawa is much smaller than than Vancouver or Toronto.

A report in The Fulcrum notes that Prabhnoor Chawla is currently registered for both courses, and looks forward to taking them in the Winter semester.

She says, “We are expecting to have guest speakers from different fields; politicians, (educators), the technology sector, business, finance, from all realms, to highlight their achievements but also to serve as an inspiration and guide students, and to understand the contemporary and historical contributions of Sikhs within Canada and how each of these individuals in some way or another contributed to it.”

She said that for her having these courses is also an opportunity to stay connected to her roots.

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