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Centre State Relations, Federalism and Dharam Youdh Morcha – Speech of Parmjeet Singh (Sikh Siyasat)

August 23, 2019 | By

A Sikh youth groups organised a discussion of Dharam Youdh Morcha at Gurdwara Sahib, Subhash Nagar in Delhi on August 4, 2019.

Speaking on this occasion Sikh Siyasat editor Parmjeet Singh shared his views about Centre-State Relations/Federalism in Indian Subcontinent and the Dharam Youdh Morcha.

He explained that there is a constitutional bias in favour of the centre that had reduced the federalism in Indian subcontinent to the status of mere nomenclature.

He said that Dharam Youdh Morcha was a struggle not only to secure political aspirations of the Sikhs but also to secure political rights for all struggling people of this subcontinent.

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