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Role of Sikhs in Changing Situation in South Asia: Bhai Mandhir Singh

December 26, 2019 | By

Speaking during an annual event organised by Guru Gobind Singh Study Circle (GGSC) at Kotkapura on 14th of December 2019, Bhai Mandhir Singh discussed different stages of public life of Sikhs as per Gurmat while elaborating the topic that “Why Sikhs Should Organise?”. He said that quest for truth is basic requirement for being a Sikh, and Sangat is collective identity of the Sikhs. He said that Sangat covers all aspects of a Sikhs’ life- from spiritual to physical and political, and Sangat makes contribution to the human society though Sewa. Elaborating the concept of Sewa, Bhai Mandhir Singh said that for Sikhs politics is a matter of achieving the ends of Sewa to ensure Sarbat Da Bhala (Welfare for all). He said that Sikhs should identify their vital role in changing situation in the South Asia.

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