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Observe India’s ‘Republic Day’ as ‘betrayal day’: Sikh body, Dal Khalsa, to Ethnic minorities

January 26, 2013 | By

Dal Khalsa

Jalandhar/Amritsar, Punjab (January 26, 2013): Stressing on India’s history of broken promises in Punjab, Kashmir and elsewhere, the Dal Khalsa has asked religious minorities and ethnic nationalities residing in India to observe the ‘republic day’ as ‘betrayal day’.

S. Harcharanjit Singh Dhami

In a statement released to media on the eve of 64th anniversary of the Indian constitution, party head Harcharanjeet Singh Dhami said the (Indian) constitution is a constitution of convenience as the provisions of the document have been used, misused and not used to suit the expedient needs of the Indian state from time to time. The framers of this document defied the spirit behind its formation and betrayed the commitment they made to Sikh representatives before partition, he rued.

India celebrates 26th January as it’s republic day.

He said two major commitments to the Sikhs were not fulfilled. One, recognition of the unique character of the Sikh religion and two, the federal character of the constitution were heavily compromised. Betrayal of promises by the Indian leadership prompted the then Sikh representatives to declare in the Constituent Assembly, “The Sikhs do not accept the Constitution”.

While India celebrates its 64th republic year, we have no hesitation to place on record that the Constitution has failed the Sikh people.

He said historically, religiously and politically ‘Sikhs are a sui generis (sovereign) people’. Notwithstanding the present status of the Sikhs in India today, the very fact that India is unwilling to look at the ‘Sikh question’ as a ‘Nationality question’ enforces our belief and commitment to the right for self-determination of Sikhs.

He said the last 64 years have been tumultuous years of denial, torment, torture, mayhem, destruction, vandalism and death. He said religious ethos and cultural identity of ethnic minorities were on the verge of assimilation in the vast pantheon of Indianism, he alleged.

In the present inclusive and pluralistic world order, India has to grow up, not just in years and not only on the economic front, but also on the social, cultural and political front, he said and added that it was time for the Indian state to undo the injustice done to its minorities through the Constitution, various laws and regulations and the use of police, paramilitary and army.

He blamed the Indian state for being very selfish, self-centered and hypocritical, unwilling to engage in talks to evolve a wholesome and pluralistic resolution of the discord between India and other nationalities. “India fears, but doesn’t bother for international refrain”, he remarked.

The group made a fervent appeal to all freedom-loving peoples and nationalities to join hands in their struggle for ‘just cause’. “Though we all continue to face a belligerent India but we remain confident that the democratic will of our people will see the light of the day”.

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