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Amritdhari Sikh’s beard cut off in custody by Amritsar police; Media raises finger toward Bikram Majithiya

September 6, 2013 | By

Amritsar, Punjab (September 06, 2013): It is learnt from certain media reports that the beard of an Amritdhari Sikh was cut by the Amritsar police while he was in the police custody. Certain media reports have pointed the finger towards Bikramjit Singh Majithiya, a Shiromani Akali Dal (Badal) leader who is also brother in law of Punjab’s Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir Singh Badal.

Amritsar Cops cut Sikh Man's beard in custody

Amritsar Cops cut Sikh Man’s beard in custody [Source: Punjab News Line]

According to Punjab News Line (PNL): “Bikram Singh operated SAD-YAD has become quite famous in the region for their exploits not only in the field of administration but in policing also. Similar situation was seen when Bikram Singh operated police officials not only framed a fake case of IPC 420 against an former SAD worker named Ram Singh resident of village Abdal but the SHO of Police Station Kathunangal named Preetinder Singh also cut his beard during his torture sessions commenced throughout the night of Sep 4”.

“As per the residents of village Abdal, Ram Singh used to be very close to MLA Bikram Singh but later on due to some conflicts Ram Singh joined Congress. After this he became a close target of Bikram Singh and was framed in many fabricated cases by Bikram Singh and his accomplices.

This issue of beard cutting of an amritdhari Sikh spread like wild fire and media personnel gathered at District Courts Complex Amritsar to get a few shots of Ram Singh as police was bringing him to present before the ACJM for further processing of the cases”, PNL report reads furhter.

According to reports [a]s Ram Singh approached the courts complex in police custody his face was covered with a cloth by police officials and media persons had to struggle hard with police to uncover his face and click a few shots. Police and court administration was shocked to see Ram Singh’s supporters raising anti police and anti Bikram Singh slogans quite inside the courts complex. Ram Singh was presented before the ACJM and is sent on judicial remand.

Talking to media personnel Ram Singh informed that he is not worried about the fabricated cases which Bikram Majithia group is perpetrating upon him but he is heartbroken from this act committed by SHO under Bikram’s pressure. Ram Singh further said that he had never expected Bikram and police to do such an act with a Sikh.

As per Punjab News Line (PNL) [s]upporters of Ram Singh informed the media that they are going to fight at all levels against this act of police and politicians behind it. The matter will be taken not only to courts & Akal Takhat but will also be highlighted in international Sikh community so that the SAD-YAD terror may end in the state.

“Bikram Singh’s forefathers had got honors for General O’Dwyre from Akal Takhat for the heinous act he had committed at Jallianwala Bagh. He said this family when in power can use each and evert Sikh institution for their advantages and they don’t bother about the honor of Sikhs which is clear from today’s event. Sh. Lalli further said that Ram Singh might not be able to get justice from judiciary or Akal Takhat as both are being controlled by SAD and YAD”, the PNL report reads further.

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