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Another attempt by Indian Media to question the base and legitimacy of Sikh Struggle.

October 4, 2009 | By

Ludhiana (October 4, 2009) It is usual for Indian media to label the legitimate struggle of Sikhs to regain their sovereignty as a move influenced by conspiracy of Pakistan. With recent arrests of Sikhs like Bhai Daljeet Singh Bittu the media propaganda is on its’ height. Newspapers regularly carry such reporting suggesting India’s popular ‘Pakistan conspiracy theory’. TV News channels and news agencies are also doing their ‘job’.

The foundations of International Indian prestige are based on ‘great lies’ otherwise they would not have been shattered by a statement of truth by a Doctor in a United Nations forum on a social issue like ‘female feticide’.

“Indian media is very regular in repeating ‘Indian logic’, as repeating a lie again and again ultimately given an impression that ‘it may be true’ and then the propagator starts claiming that ‘it is true’.

We came to know about another vicious attempt by a news agency in India to strike at the base and legitimacy of Sikh Struggle for freedom. This report reported by ANI (published by titled “Radio Pakistan’s effort to revive Khalistan agitation, an effort in vain” refers to “Punjabi Durbar” radio program air-casted by Pakistan Radio, Lahore and claims that a statement of that program is proof that Pakistan is attempting to revive Khalistan movement in Punjab. The Statement, as per report is, “India has forgotten the promise it had made to Sikhs and Kashmiris.”

Replying to this statement it is reported by news agency ANI that some “Manpreet Kaur, a Sikh scholar (?) and educationalist, said that the Pakistan propaganda is not making any impact on the people living in Punjab. He remarked that “Before making comments on the situation in India, Pakistan should look at itself first, and the statements being made by its former President General Musharraf from London brazenly stating how Pakistan has misused American aid against India.”

She is further reported to have said that “Pakistan will never be able to incite minorities in India. The fact is that persons from minority are occupying important positions in our country. Our Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. Leaders like Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi and Shahnawaz Hussain are occupying posts in Bharatiya Janata Party.” and “They are the voice of the countrymen, so how does the question of minorities being dominated or discriminated in India arise?”

In the news report Manpreet Kaur goes on questioning the safety of minorities in Pakistan itself in following words “Manpreet Brar pointed out that Sikhs and Hindus do not feel safe in many parts of Pakistan. Sikhs had to leave the North West Frontier as the Taliban elements there asked them to pay ‘Jezia’ or protection money. Many Sikhs and Hindus were forced to change their religion.”

With reference to Manpreet Kaur the news report raise many questions and make many counter attacks on Pakistan, just read these excerpts of this news report: “The latest allegations look ridiculous considering the fact that Sardar Parkash Singh Badal is heading the State Government of Punjab, which is an Akali Dal and BJP combine.

Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh, who is also a Sikh, has always believed in the concept of secular India where members of all religions can live in harmony.

Dr. Singh’s Cabinet represents persons of all religions but they have been included because of their intelligence and leadership qualities and not religious identities.

Manpreet Brar, asks can Radio Pakistan mention even one Hindu leader to have occupied the post of President or Prime Minister?

The support for a separate nation for Sikhs and an independent Kashmir only exposes how Pakistan is blatantly supporting divisive forces in India.”

The facts raised, discussed and referred by this news report are aimed at misleading the reader and present a manipulated picture. It presents just one side of the picture and even much of that has been enshrouded. Let us have a look at main facts and logics raised (& built) by this news report:

1) About the Statement: In reply to the claimed statement of Pakistan Radio (that “India has forgotten the promise it had made to Sikhs and Kashmiris.”) it is claimed that this statement does not attract people of Punjab. Even if this claim is taken as true how the truth of the statement can be questioned or denied? It is a world known fact that Indian leaders had made promises with Sikhs before ‘transfer of power’ in 1947 but never fulfilled them. This is a betrayal and no one can deny this fact. [*For details read “Betrayal of Sikhs” – Speech of Sirdar Kapur Singh in Indian Parliament, which is still (after almost more then 40 years) waiting for reply. Punjabi Translation of this speech is available at online library of]

2) Manmohan Singh – The Sikh Prime-Minister of India (?): Does it make any difference if Indian Prime Minister wears a Pagri instead of a Gandhi Topi? No, it does not make any difference as their ideology remains the same. Regarding Manmohan Singh we have following facts that we want to share here: (a) Manmohan Singh never addressed any of the problems of Sikhs as such. It is not a sign of his being ‘secular’ because if he claims to be secular then he is duty bound to address the problems of all, including the Sikhs. But he never addressed to any of the genuine problems of the Sikhs in India, neither being a Sikh nor being a Secular leader. (b) Moreover, how we, the Sikhs, can believe that Manmohan Singh is our representative as in his very first statement (after becoming PM of India for the first time in 2004) he said that ‘Main Rajiv Gandhi ke sapno ka Bharat sirjunga’. No need to mention that Rajiv Gandhi was responsible for 1984 Sikh Genocide and justified the murders of Sikhs till his last breath. (c) In a statement Manmohan Singh, the PM of India,  said that “I am firstly an Indian and after that any thing else (he did not mention the word ‘sikh’ at even second place.) Still Manpreet Kaur, a Sikh Scholoar (?), claims that Manmohan Singh is a Sikh? (d) In Lok Sabha Elections 2009, Congress collected votes by propagating that Manmohan Singh is a good Sikh, vote for him, vote for his honesty. Manmohan Singh remained silent for almost six months about all these developments but on very last day of election campaign he informed that he is not in favor of asking to vote on the name of religion or community. Now we question that whether Manmohan Singh is really an honest person? Who remained silent for almost six months and spoke calculated words on a perfectly calculated day. (e) Manmohan Singh asked Sikhs to forget the genocide and atrocities of November 1984, as for him, as per his statement, it is just an issue (like any other issue) that could not be kept alive forever. He said all this in Punjab during last Lok Sabha Elections on last day of election campaign. 25 years have past, there are no sings of even ghosts of justice and “The Sikh Prime Minister” is suggesting Sikhs that they should forget all Sikhs killed by his party workers and ‘true Indians’ lead by his party leadership. Does he have any respect for Human rights and justice? This is the position of so-called Sikh Prime Minister of India. So, it is evident that there is no Sikh prime Minister in India, and similar is the position of other Sikh looking puppets of Indian State.

3) Evidence of Discrimination: Here are some major issues in this regard: (a) Denying riparian rights to Punjab. (b) Illegally allocating hydal-power of Punjab to other States. (c) Exploiting agriculture of Punjab. (d) Not recognizing Sikhs as a distinct and unique religion. (e) No justice for victims of Sikh genocide (1984) even after 25 years. (f) 25,000 unidentified dead bodies in Punjab are waiting for justice. (g) Destroying Punjabi language via education, media and State propaganda. (h) Exclusion of Punjabi speaking areas from the State of Punjab. (i) Ongoing mass level human rights violations in Punjab. There are many more questions that demand logical answer from Indian State and its’ scholars before they claim that there is no discrimination with Sikhs in India.

4) Position in Pakistan – can it be an excuse for India?: Even if we assume that minorities are unsafe in some parts of Pakistan, as is claimed by Indian Sikh Scholar Manpreet Kaur in above mentioned ANI news report, India is not acquitted from the charge of surprising religious minorities and struggling nations like Sikhs, Kashmiris and Nagas etc. 1984 (Sikhs), 2002 (Muslims) and 2008 (Christians) are major incidents about which the world knows but there is another process of elimination or assimilation of Minorities and struggling nations is going on in India with the label of Nation building.

We think that we have addressed all major issued raised by claimed Indian Sikh Scholar Manpreet Kaur. We would appreciate if Manpreet Kaur or any other Indian scholar replies to questions raised by us.

We want to declare that being a Nation we, the Sikhs in India, have the right to ‘self determination’ and we shall secure our legitimate rights by all possible means.

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