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Appointment of Kamal Nath: It’s like appointing staunch Nazi to monitor Jewish affairs, says Simranjeet Singh Mann

June 13, 2016 | By

Fatehgarh Sahib: In a written statement issued today Shiromani Akali Dal (Amritsar) president S. Simranjeet Singh Mann said: “Our party the Shiromani Akali Dal ( Amritsar ) is uncertain of the rational of Mrs. Sonia Gandhi appointing a person who committed the genocide of the Sikh peoples in Delhi and other places in India in 1984”.

“It is like appointing Lord Ravana as the religious and political affairs head of the Congress party at Ayodya or a staunch Nazi party candidate to monitor on behalf of the UN the affairs of the Jews in Israel”, he added.

“Moreover we are surprised that the Congress chief of the Punjab Captain Amrinder Singh has welcomed the appointment of Mr. Kamalnath. Previously the Captain stated that the mass killer of the Sikhs in the 1984 massacres Jagdish Tytler was innocent of any such killings. We are surprised at the ignorance of the Captain in affairs of the Sikhs. It is obvious therefore that the Sikhs in the US and Canada chased him out of the US and Canada”, he added.

Simranjeet Singh Mann [File Photo]

Simranjeet Singh Mann [File Photo]

He added: We also feel that the Congress high command in Delhi does not credit the Captain with much grey matter, as a result of which Mrs. Gandhi has appointed Mr. Prashant Kishore as his advisor. On the advice of Mr. Prashant Kishore the Captain is having coffee with the soldiers and students, little realising that coffee is not the popular beverage of the Punjabi’s who like the English prefer tea. Coffee is drunk in America and Europe .

“Mr. Prashant Kishore should advice the Captain to stay in Patiala instead of Chandigarh which is an expensive city and the poor Congress workers who visit him have no place to live in or have an inexpensive meal”, the statement reads further.

“Otherwise the Captain is as fit as a drill sergeant and does not support a single grey hair in his beard. Mr. Prashant Kishore should also frame a Sikh and Punjab policy for the Captain as we do not see how the Captain, Mr. Praksh Singh Badal and Mr. Arvind Kejriwal are going to address the problems that the Sikhs and the Punjab face, Blue Star, its aftermath, punishing the mass killers, rehabilitation of the Sikhs who are victims of the genocide perpetrated by the Congress, BJP, CPI, CPM and Lok Dal of Charan Singh. These are some of the problems that need to be addressed by these political parties before they go to the polls. The suicides of the farmers, labourers, petty shopkeepers and the unemployment of the job seekers which have risen to the staggering figures of 46 lacks are some of the problems the Captain on the advice of Mr. Prashant Kishore and other parties must answer”, said Simranjeet Singh Mann.

“The disrespect of the holy Guru Granth Sahib and the murders of the youth in fake encounters by the police need to be explained to the electorate. Why the Captain insisted in appointing the police officer Mr. S.S. Virk as DGP whose hands are imbrued with the blood of innocent Sikhs or Mr. Badal appointing Mr. Sumedh Singh Saini as the DGP who too has blood of the innocent Sikhs on his hands need explanation”, SAD Mann chief added.

He further said that: “Mr. Prashant Kishore is presenting the Captain as a great warrior. The electorate would also be keen to know on which front the Captain served in the 1965 confrontation with Pakistan . Was he leading a platoon, or charging with his bayonet or lobbying grenades into the turrets of the Patton Tanks or manning a bunker or any other dare devilry which is unknown to the electorate, must be told by the Congress party propagandists”.

“Our party is ashamed at the anti Sikh and anti Punjab credentials of the Congress party, the Badalites, the BJP and the Aam Aadmi Party that have entered the political and electoral arena of the forthcoming Assembly elections of the Punjab. Their leaders are corrupt to the core, have poor records for the upkeep of human rights, are knee deep into the smuggling of drugs from across the border with Pakistan , are unrepresentative of the ethos of the Punjabis, are collaborators with the right wing Hindu ideology that springs from Delhi and Nagpur . They must be thrashed by the electorate of the Punjab , for reducing its people to poverty, scorn, ridicule and shame”, the statement reads further.

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