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Attack on Kuldip Brar was drama staged by Indian Intelligence Agencies: Dal Khalsa UK

October 7, 2012 | By

London/Punjab (October 07, 2012): Dal Khalsa UK has raised a finger towards Indian intelligence agencies in relation to attack on former Lt. Gen. of Indian Army Kuldip Brar.

Kuldip Brar had led attack on Sikh shrines, including the Darbar Sahib (Golden Temple of Amritsar), in June 1984. The attack has resulted in massive causalities as the attack was conducted on a specific day when there was huge gatherings in Sikh shrines. It is notable that Kuldip Brar was allegedly manhandled on last Sunday outside a Hotel in London.

It is notable that Kuldip Brar and Indian authorities are accusing Sikh circles who favor establishment of Sovereign Sikh State, commonly named as Khalistan, for planning and executing the attack on Kuldip Brar. But Dal Khalsa UK has taken an exception to this highly propagated view.

The Open Statement by Dal Khalsa UK is as follows:-

In light of the events of the past week Dal Khalsa UK makes the following open statement in relation to what we along with all the UK Sikh Community believe was a ‘Staged Attack’ by Hindutva Indian Intelligence Agencies RAW and General Kuldip Brar, the War Criminal who led the Tyrannical Indian Army in to Sikhism’s holiest shrine Sri Harmandar Sahib in 1984.

From the very start when this news broke nothing added up as to what happened and how it happened. By now we all know that no CCTV footage or photographs have been released of any suspects,no link has been made to any Sikhs,nor do we know of any eye witnesses. The so called attack took place in the Centre of London which has the most CCTV surveillance in Western Europe & indeed the world,the street on which the so called attack took place as per information has only one CCTV camera.

Gen Brar’s story has changed several times he spoke of three men then four bearded men who he then in a later interview said were Sikhs/Khalistanis. Prior to this Gen Brar’s wife Meena Brar said she could not be sure as to who the attackers were as they were hooded wearing long black jackets with long beards. In one interview with an Indian News Channel Gen Brar claims a ‘dagger’ or ‘knife’ was pulled out in a later interview he categorically used the word ‘Kirpan’,signalling yet another change in his story. One has to also question Gen Brar’s use of local Buses if a man such as Gen Brar can afford a high-class hotel in the middle of London he can also afford a taxi such as the famous London Black Cabs why would someone such as Brar who is the sworn enemy of the Sikh Nation want to travel in Buses in London? When he has Z + Security in India around the clock and bodyguards when he travels to foreign countries.

One has to also look at the selected location of the ‘attack’, Old Quebec Street right next to Oxford Street & Marble Arch, within the vicinity of Hyde Park where the annual Khalistan Sikh Freedom & 1984 Remembrance Rally commences every year in June. Gen Brar in several interviews to Indian News Channels mentions the Khalistan Sikh Freedom & 1984 Remembrance Rally as focal point for so called ‘fanatics’ & ‘extremists’ he also claims that people vow to kill him at this event. As we all know this event has always been peaceful and the Police have never had any problems or objections to it,you may also remember that last year the Indian Government asked the British Government William Hauge to clamp down on the Rally & the [thousands of] Sikhs who usually attend.

In terms of Gen Brar’s medical condition several facts also do not add up he claims he was beaten stabbed and slashed with a blade,he also claims he fought off he attackers at the age of 78 by ‘boxing’ them and kicking them. This seems very hard to believe as he claimed these men were tall and heavy looking compare this description to Gen Brar’s very own build and age of 78 years old. During his last interviews in the UK he had around three plasters to his face and neck which were supposedly made by these attackers. We then learned that he travelled back to India specifically Mumbai,it seems odd that a so called ‘stab victim’ who is 78 years old was allowed to travel after suffering so much ‘trauma’ of being stabbed surely he needed ample time to medically recover?Not only this he now has an entire bandage wrapped around his neck compared to what seems a plaster when he was interviewed in London.

Upon return the Hindutva Indian Media had already gone in to over-drive with their anti Sikh propaganda campaign seeming to confirm without evidence that Sikhs/Khalistanis were behind this so called attack on Gen Brar.Among the most outrageous claims in many channels were that the UK/US/Canada, ISI Pakistani Intelligence Services were supporting so called ‘Fanatics/Extremists’ in the UK. As per usual the preprepared ‘experts’ were bought in to spew venom against the Sikh Nation even the presenters did not hold back this time.Several newspapers also named ‘Dal Khalsa UK’ as a ‘Radical’ Organisation who along with ‘Militant Sikh Youths’ organise protests,we ask what is so radical about speaking up for Sikh Rights in the UK a thriving democracy?

We believe this so called assassination attempt or attack was staged by the Indian Intelligence Services – RAW in an attempt to frame UK Sikhs & to pressure the UK Government to stop Sikhs from speaking up against the on going human rights abuses and Genocide in Panjab.This comes Six Months after the entire UK Sikh Nation united under one Nishan Sahib in support of Bhai Balwant Singh Ji Rajoana earlier this year. Due to this revolution and the exposure of the real face of Hindutva India regarding the 1984 Genocide and on going attacks on Sikhs,something had to be done to put a spanner in the works.

The Indian Media and Gen Brar seem to particularly concentrate on UK Sikh Youths who they deem a ‘threat’ and as ‘Radicals’.We also have to remember that another Indian Agent Rami Ranger shamelessly wrote to the SGPC and Sri Akal Takht Sahib attacking the Kirpan asking for it’s ban and removal as one of the Panj Kakkar’s – 5 K’s,mysteriously Gen Brar after several interviews suddenly remember it was not a knife or dagger that was used but a so called Kirpan!This false flag attack is designed to hit several targets and the Hindutva Indian Agencies are using this opportunity to pressure the UK Government to crack down on Sikhs without any valid reason or evidence,the main targets being the Khalistan Sikh Freedom & 1984 Remembrance Rally,UK Sikh Youth activism,Exposure of 1984 Sikh Genocide by Sikh [organizations]. Our appeal to the Sikh Nation is to remain United this whole game is designed to instill fear in to the UK Sikh Community so we stop speaking up for the Freedom of the Sikh Nation – Khalistan & Sikh Human Rights. There will be many twists and turns in the coming weeks which have all been preprepared by Indian Intelligence Agencies RAW & their Agents across the UK,the Hindutva Indian State will also increase it’s propaganda to demonize UK Sikhs through various newspapers worldwide along with pressuring the UK Government to take unnecessary action against innocent Sikhs up & down the country.

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