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By blaming Pakistan, Indian State and ‘independent’ media can not escape its’ responsibility.

October 6, 2009 | By

Ludhiana (October 6, 2009) Indian State’s favorite ‘Pakistan Conspiracy Theory’ is very popular among Indian Media especially a news agency “Asia News International” (ANI). We have come across another attempt by ANI to undermine the problem of increasing drug addiction in Punjab. According to international studies drug addition is a form/tactic used in genocidal processes. News titled “Radio Pakistan ‘concerned’ about drug-addiction” (in Punjab) reported by ANI is published by news (may be published by others also).

As per ANI news it is reported that “The Punjabi Durbar programme of Radio Pakistan broadcast a programme expressing concern about the spread of drug addiction among Punjabi youth.” While in response to this ‘concern of Punjabi Durbar it is reported that “A discerning observer points out that the concern expressed by Radio Pakistan is genuine, as there are a number of people in Pakistani Punjab who are addicted to drugs. Many of them are trying to smuggle drugs across the border.” It is further reported that “Pakistan is continuously conspiring against India by smuggling drugs to make the youth in Punjab addicted to drugs and smack. Under its new plan, to attack the unity and integrity of India, Pakistan is targeting the Indian youth, said Sunil Kumar Jakhad, MLA.” Whole news twists around blaming Pakistan for smuggling drugs to India and propagating against Indian “unity and integrity”.

It is strange that Indian media while leveling counter blames often forget to address the genesis of the alleged blame/statement. Even if it is assumed that some elements residing in Pakistan or any other country is responsible for drugs smuggling even then Indian State can not escape its’ responsibility. Moreover, drug addiction is not growing with that much speed in Haryana or Rajasthan as in Punjab, while Rajasthan is often reported as entry point of drugs, and such elements might be interested in targeting Rajasthani and Haryanvi youth along with Punjabis! If Indian State and media is really serious about the concern reported to have been expressed by ‘Punjabi Durbar’ then it must bring the truth before the people that how many of the participants of Indian State System such as BSF personnel, Police officers, MPs and MLAs are involved in drugs trafficking and related tasks and let the people decide who is conspiring to against whom?

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