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Letter to the Editor – Why media failed to question Indira Gandhi’s pre-plans to attack Darbar Sahib?

Recently declassified British documents have revealed that Indira Gandhi asked British PM Thatcher in February 1984, for her advice and support for attack on Darbar Sahib. British documents confirm that Indira Gandhi had made plans to use the army to attack the Darbar Sahib (Amritsar) and was trying to get support from various Governments to justify that attack, which was codenamed as Operation Blue Star.

Open Letter: Insulting the Hunger Strike of Bhai Gurbaksh Singh by terming it “Farce” in “Hindustan Times”

Ludhaina, Punjab (December 25, 2013): Sukhdeep Singh of Sikh Youth Federation has written an open letter to Pawan Sharma, reporter of Hindustan Times (HT) who reported a highly biased report against the ongoing Sikh agitation seeking release of Sikh political prisoners from Indian jails.

“In each and every village and city, a movement to support Bhai Gurbaksh Singh struggle should be organized” – Bhai Jagtar Singh Hawara

Since Bhai Gurbaksh Singh started his hunger strike on November 14, the mainstream media of India, as well as the state machinery has largely ignored Bhai Sahib’s protest and demands once again exposing the biased and oppressive nature of the Indian establishment.

Rajiv Gandhi and Narindra Modi

Question to Indian Media and Justice System [Letter to the Editor by Kanwal Jit Singh Gill]

I have been reading Indian news for a while and see that Media and Justice system are very active about innocent killings in Gujrat. The Supreme Court of India didn't like the delay and appointed SIT to speed up the justice system to punish the guilty persons in Gujrat.

Understand, and act against, blasphemous behaviour against Sikh Gurus on Facebook etc; Do not become part of it

Dear Editor, I wish to share my humble views with you and the readers of your site. These days there is a new phenomena, that many miscreants are tempering with certain paintings supposed to be that of Sikh Guru Sahibans in blasphemous manner. These persons are publishing this blasphemous content on Facebook etc. Mostly fake Facebook ids are used for distributing this material; while some use their own facebook ids for this purpose.

Letter to the Editor – Are we really following the Gadri Babas principles and teachings?

Recently we have been reading a lot about Gadri Baba movement and programs being organised to pay homage to the great Shaheeds of Gadri Baba movement. But sometimes I wonder if the people who claim to be the big followers of Gadri Babas and organize various programs to pay homage to those great Shaheeds, really understand and follow the principles and cause of the stand taken by those great Shaheeds for which they sacrificed their lives?

Double standards of Indian judicial system [Letter to the Editor]

Thousands of innocent persons were killed in 1984 Sikh Genocide, that was planned, approved and executed by the ruling Congress Govt. led by Rajeev Gandhi. For 28 years the ruling Congress Govt. has been protecting the guilty Congress leaders and police officers.

On Indian media’s coverage criticizing Akal Takhat honoring Sikh martyrs

January 6th (2013) was Shaheedi Day of Bhai Satwant Singh and Bhai Kehar Singh. As usual the family relatives of these martyrs were honoured by Akal Takhat Jathedar. But the Indian Media reacted and made headlines of this thing in very negative way.

Son of Sardar – what’s the message?

Let me make it clear that I am not going to discuss the controversy surrounding dialogues or scenes from Ajay Devgn's recent release “Son of Sardar”. Because this issue is largely discussed in media and Sikh circles and many would agree that the controversy is almost over.

Stephen Harper with Manmohan Singh

Letter to the Editor: Canadian PM Stephen Harper’s visit to India

Canadian PM went to India to have good friendly and business relations with India. But the headlines we generally saw in the news media about PM's visit dealt with Indian Govt's concern about Sikh extremists in Canada. That is because the guilty conscience of Indian politicians force them to raise the issue of Sikh extremists with Canadian PM.

Sikhs Nation’s blood donation drive in the memory of Sikh Genocide 1984

This weekend the Sikh community remembered and paid homage to thousands of innocent lives lost in 1984 Sikh Genocide. Certain volunteers of our community have started a very good campaign to remember and pay homage to innocent lives lost.

Sikh activist writes to Canandian PM ahead of his visit to India

Canada (October 31, 2012): Surrey, B.C. based activist Kanwal Jit Singh Gill has written an open letter to Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper ahead of his visit to India.

Letter: In response to discrimination debate on NDTV by Barkha Dutt

The people participating in the discussion talked about minor discriminatory problems against minorities based on religion, against Dalits and Adivasies etc. too. But one major issue of discrimination against minorities by the Justice system was completely ignored in the discussion. Even the host Barkha Dutt was trying to project as if there was no discrimination in the secular country, with people belonging to minorities holding high positions.

Letter to Editor – Air India tragedy and failure to provide justice to the victim families

In the John Major some of the Canadian Intelligence agents working for CSIS or RCMP have suspected role of Indian Diplomats/Secret agents in the Air India Tragedy. But unfortunately Canadian Government refused to follow up on this thing to maintain good business and diplomatic relations with the Indian Government And most of the evidence leading towards Indian secret agents was destroyed.

Independence Day of Pakistan & India, because of Sikhs

As we all know that today i.e. on 14th August is the Independence Day of Pakistan and tomorrow i.e. on 15th August is the Independence Day of India. In both these countries these days are celebrated with great Spirit.

Open Letter to P. Chidambaram , Home Minister of India on his claim about blacklist review

You have attempted to misguide Sikhs on blacklist issue, and more unfortunate thing is that you went on to justify the denial of justice to Sikhs, who fell victims of November 1984 genocide, because asking someone to forget or forgive the excesses without delivering or secure justice, clearly means to justify the excesses.

Sikhs in ‘Independent’ India

I am a Sikh, it’s my crime... “I am a SIKH” kill me and call it…. “COLLATERAL DAMAGE” imprison me and call it…. “SECURITY MEASURES”.

Letter by Advocate HS Phoolka to Giani Gurbachan Singh

Since November 1984, with the blessings of the Guru, I have been vehemently pursuing the cases relating to the Sikh Genocide. I have been pursuing these cases since the past 26 years and during this period I have not charged any fee for the cases or taken any kind of a donation.

Independence Day of Pakistan & India, because of Sikhs

As we all know that today i.e. on 14th August is the Independence Day of Pakistan and tomorrow i.e. on 15th August is the Independence Day of India. In both these countries these days are celebrated with great Spirit. People from both the countries used to remember their freedom fighters on these days and salutes them who laid down their lives for the freedom of their respective countries.

Canadian Government has taken the right decision to rejecting the Visa Applications

Few Days back a local court of Bihar acquitted all 27 accused involved in anti-Sikh roits of 1984 in the absence of witnesses against them. ...

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