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Communities United Against Narendra Modi to hold protest at Vancouver today

April 16, 2015 | By

Vancouver, Canada: On April 16th, 2015 Communities United Against Narendra Modi, a coalition of concerned community groups, will be calling into action a protest against the visit of India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi that day to Vancouver. He will be accompanied by Prime Minister Steven Harper. The coalition will draw attention to several human rights issues which include: Violation of human rights and discriminatory treatment against minorities in India; Genocide of Sikhs in 1984 and of Muslims in Gujarat in 2002; unjust treatment by the state and the judicial system of political prisoners; violation of land property rights of Sikhs in Gujarat; intensifying of Hindutva mobilization in India; the adverse effects of global imperialism with Modi’s free trade agreements and nuclear deals and extraction of natural resources at the expense of the poor; freedom to advocate for self-determination demanded by various groups including Kashmiris and Sikhs; and Bill C-51.

Narendra Modi [File Photo]

Narendra Modi [File Photo]

A media advisory issued by the CUANM says organizers and protest speakers will be available to speak to the media.

“Communities United Against Narendra Modi,” is a coalition of concerned community groups protesting and bringing attention to the upcoming visit of India’s current Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, to the Lower Mainland. CUANM is a coalition of concerned community groups protesting and bringing attention to the upcoming visit of India’s current Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, to the Lower Mainland.

Narendra Modi is on a visit to Canada from April 14th to 16th with stops in Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver. Communities United Against Narendra Modi

A press release by CUANM says [e]ven though one-third of his cabinet faces criminal charges for rape, kidnapping, attempted murder, and inciting riots/communal disharmony, the corporate media, Harper government, and elite sections of the Indian diaspora are all rolling out the red carpet. But any glance at this man’s history, and his actions since taking office, prove that he is a violent fascist that should be opposed.

“During his time as Chief Minister of the state of Gujarat from 2001-2014, more than 2000 Muslims were massacred and over 200,000 internally displaced, raped and looted in programs in 2002. On the eve of the ‘riots’ – which experts say meets the legal definition of genocide – Modi was quoted as telling a top police officer to “let Hindus vent their anger” and “teach a lesson” to Muslims. Modi’s role in the 2002 atrocities led to widespread international condemnation, including travel bans by Britain, the European Union, and the U.S. However, with key witnesses being murdered extrajudicially, Modi managed to evade justice despite these global pressures for his indictment. Human Rights Watch (HRW) reports, “Communal violence against Muslims in Gujarat is intimately connected to a rise of Hindu nationalism in the country and the state, a phenomenon that is also responsible for attacks against Christians over the last several years in the state and around the country.”

“Modi is a longtime key member of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), a well-funded violent Hindu nationalist political organization whose founders admired Hitler and Mussolini”.

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