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Counterfeit Ardas: Hindutva forces bringing the communal cauldron to a boil through sinister designs, says Dal Khalsa

December 28, 2016 | By

Hoshiarpur: Issuing a stern warning to Hindu fanatics for inflaming the communal fire by copying the style and pattern of Sikh Ardas and then changing it to look like Hindu Ardas, the Dal Khalsa said the mischief if not nipped in the bud would have serious consequences for bonds between the two communities.

Party head Harpal Singh Cheema and spokesperson Kanwar Pal Singh in a statement said that the Hindutva forces were bringing the communal cauldron to a boil through their sinister designs. Pained with the development, they observed that the Sikhs have no choice but to catch the bull by its horns”.

They said that this cannot be viewed as an isolated incident but there is a clear design to denigrate the Sikh Ardas and create a myth as if Hindus are the forerunners and Sikhs have copied them because Hinduism is more ancient than Sikhism. This is the deep-rooted challenge and Sikhs accept the same and will fight it tooth and nail. They further said that, “the move smacks of the Hindu mindset that is hell bent to dilute the distinct identity of Sikhs. First Durgiana Mandir was erected copying the outer appearance and pattern of Darbar Sahib and now Ardas.

L to R: Harpal Singh Cheema (L) Kawarpal Singh (R) [File Photo]

They said this issue will be a litmus test for newly elected SGPC head Prof Kirpal Singh Badungar and suggested him to form a Panthic panel of experts and historians of high calibre to investigate as to who is the brain behind this distorted Ardas and since how long has this been going on in Hindu temples.

A screenshot from video of function held at Rampura to inaugurate Badal Dal’s office

“Maintaining peace was not only the prerogative of the Sikhs alone, they categorically said. The present day government and other communities too have equal share of responsibilities and peace was possible only if sentiments and emotions of all religions were recognized and respected on an equal footing.

Dal Khalsa today questioned the silence of Hindu Samaj on such mischief played by their fanatical elements. They asked the Hindu religious leadership to prevail upon such people and put a ban on recitation of their counterfeit Ardas in temples as it has nothing to do with Hinduism.

The presence of Akali Dal minister Sikander Singh Maluka at a function where copied Ardas was recited and his no-objection attitude is a shameful act and speaks about the sorry state of affairs in Akali Dal. The leaders asked, “Is Hinduiazation of Akali Dal complete”.

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