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Dal Khalsa UK Statement On Police arrests & Gurdwara Raids – General Brar ‘Attack’

October 7, 2012 | By

London (Ocotber 07, 2012): The Dal Khalsa UK has appealed to the UK Sikhs to remain calm and united in current situation that were terms as “critical times” by the diaspora Sikh organization based in UK.

“We are facing a mass anti Sikh media campaign by Hindutva India, media outlets worldwide specifically the Indian Media. Not only this we are also in the midst of a well planned campaign by Indian Intelligence services – RAW, their agents and external forces to tarnish the image of UK Sikhs specifically the youth and organisations such as Dal Khalsa UK who have been labelled as ‘radicals’, this is being done to finish off our morale to speak out for freedom Khalistan , 1984 and against human rights abuses genocide, to create suspicion amongst each other to divide us and to in-still fear within the community up and down the UK” reads a statement published on Dal Khasla UK’s blog/site.

According to statement hhe fear factor could already be seen with almost all Sikh organisations and Gurdwaras who have remained silent to the events of the last week as they fear if they do comment on the on going developments they may well be targeted by the Police or Indian Intelligence Services.

“We have to realise this is all a psychological game as well as a well planned out conspiracy so that Sikhs stop to take part in Khalistan Freedom Rallies, stop attending 1984 remembrance events and stop speaking out against the on going genocide and attacks against Sikhs in our homeland Panjab” adds the statement.

Some parts of the statement reads as follows:-

“General Kuldip Brar has pinpointed the UK Sikh Youth and Khalistan Freedom Rally in London as a gathering point for so called ‘fanatics’ and ‘radicals’, he says the UK Sikhs are much more ‘fanatical’ and ‘radical’ than Sikhs in India. This hints to what the Hindutva Indian State want to stop, the only way they can do this is to in-still fear in to British Sikhs so they back off from speaking up for the Sikh Nation.

We appeal to the Metropolitan Police to remain independent and not to play in to the hands of the Indian Intelligence Services RAW. Hindutva Indian Government and any other external forces who have no role in Policing to shape their investigation.

The question does arise of why the Counter Terrorism Command are involved in this investigation when the Police are treating it as attempted murder, not only this why have homes across the UK been raided along with Gurdwaras, for a Genocidal War Criminal who appeared to have a few scratches and plasters not only this but this so called stab victim flew off to Mumbai within 24 hours which seems odd. Would the same raids at homes and Gurdwaras be carried out if the average hard working British taxpayer was the victim of a stabbing or attempted muder?Would the Counter Terrorism Command be involved?

One can only come to the conclusion that the above has been done due to the external pressure from the Hindutva Indian Government and it’s intelligence agencies such as RAW who is calling the shots. We strongly condemn any Police actions or raids at our Gurdwaras, while the Sikhs will co operate and assist fully in any investigations or questions the Police have it is important to point out that any raids at our Gurdwaras will make relations deteriorate between the UK Sikh Nation and the Police.

The Police fully well know how important our Gurdwaras are to our community for when it came to the UK Riots 2011 when the Police struggled to regain control of the streets it was the Sikhs who came out to defend not only their Gurdwaras but entire towns and cities across the UK. Point being that the Sikhs who have been here for over 100 years fought in defence of Britain and Europe through two World Wars are a hard working tax paying community who have always been proud of Britain and their place in all spheres of British life.

We once again appeal to the Police to not make any unnecessary arrests or raids at Gurdwaras on the behest of the Indian Intelligence Services RAW, Hindutva Indian Government and their agents. The news of Gurdwaras being raided and the lack of information being given out to the Sikhs as to what is going on creating a tense atmosphere of fear in Sikh Communities up and down the UK.

We do wish to state on this occasion that Sikhs are fully ready to assist any investigations the Police are undertaking , but if it turns out that the Police are carrying out unnecessary raids at Gurdwaras or at Sikh homes/institutions at the behest or request of the Indian Government or Indian Intelligence Services RAW then we as UK Sikhs will have no choice but to take up our democratic rights and protest against the Police in what will then be seen as Police Harassment of the Sikh Nation to please those external forces such as the Indian Intelligence Services who wish to create disharmony and problems in the UK when it comes to the Sikhs”.

At the end of the statement an appeal is also issued by the Dal Khalsa UK in following terms: “Once again we request all UK Sikhs to remain United under the Kesri Nishan Sahib and to stand as one, never let your conscience die through fear as this is what is being planned against us by the Indian Intelligence Services RAW and Hindutva Indian Government”.

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