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Derogatory remark against Darbar Sahib – People have felt hurt personally

January 23, 2012 | By

Sri Darbar Sahib Amritsar

Sri Darbar Sahib, Amritsar

Ludhiana, Punjab (January 23, 2012): NBC entertainer Jay Leno’s remark about Darbar Sahib has hurt the feelings of many who have unmeasurable respect for the sacred Sikh shrine. Darbar Sahib Amritsar, known in the west as the Golden Temple of Amritsar is considered as holiest of the holy places and whole of the Sikh history stands witness for the importance of the place. Enumerable people have laid their lives to uphold the dignity of the shrine.

Sikh Siyasat has taken the opportunity to access the remarks posted by various persons over internet social networking websites life Facebook and Twitter. It shows that people have felt immensely hurt due to a derogatory comment passed by Jay Leno on NBC channel’s “Tonight’s Show with Jay Leno” on 19th of January, 2012. Leno showed an illuminated picture of Sri Darbar Sahib and announced to the world that this was the summer home of Republican Party hopeful, Mitt Romney. Romney, a rich businessman – politician, is under fire these days for amassing wealth and paying lesser taxes.

As per information accessed by the Sikh Siyasat a number of people from around the world are joining the campaign started by a USA based Sikh, Bhai Harjot Singh Khasla, to register strong protest against concerned infamous remark.

People are singing an online petition and also writing the reasons that why they have singed it. Most of the signatories say that they have felt immensely hurt due.

Simran Kaur, one of the recent signatories to the Petitions wrote: “That particular joke made by Jay Leno involving Sikh’s holiest shrine was in bad taste and hurts my religious feelings. Jay Leno must apologize and promise not to make any direct or oblique references to Sikhs or their places of worship”.

Rajdeep Kaur, another signatory says: “Sri Darbar Sahib is a respected place for whole Sikh community and our emotions are attached to Sri Darbar Sahib and Darbar Sahib is the palace of our Sri Guru Granth Sahib, a […] person can’t say like this to hurt our emotions”.

Some like Jacquelyn Judd, has accused Jay Leno of racism, who simply reasoned that “These remarks are clearly racist”. Meet Kaur also held a similar view.

“There’s a lot of other things to make fun of in this world. Why he picks something over someone’s religion or beliefs. NBC needs to take action against him” Amrinder Singh has added.

Sumit Pal, who signed the petition 8 hours ago (relate to time of post), is of the view that “to speak against a religious place any religious place is the most stupid thing one can do”.

Naeem Akbar wrote: “I am a muslim but in my view it is very unjustice that somebody give any statment against any religion !! All are holly and all are respectable!”

Simarjot Khalsa, wrote: “It did hurt my feelings. I felt bad. So so bad”.

“Darbar Sahib is such a respectful place that any person existing in this world is not even equivalent to a dust particle in front of this sacred place. Jay Leno, you don’t know anything about this religion and this place and you are definitely guilty if you say anything wrong about it” wrote Karanbir Singh.

Harjinder Randhawa, justifying the campaign said: “Even though i believe ‘jasee mat deh tesa purgas’ but still ignorant people need to know that we will not take insults sitting down. We may not raise arms against such stupidities but we will not sit and watch. May Waheguru give us strength to make the world understand who we are and what our religion is all about”.

“Signing as a protest against the remarks made by Jay Leno against Sikh” said Harjit Singh.


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(2) Sikh Siyasat request all the also readers to read and sign the Petition, at their will. To access the petition click here.

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