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Double standards of Indian judicial system [Letter to the Editor]

May 2, 2013 | By

Thousands of innocent persons were killed in 1984 Sikh Genocide, that was planned, approved and executed by the ruling Congress Govt. led by Rajeev Gandhi. For 28 years the ruling Congress Govt. has been protecting the guilty Congress leaders and police officers. All these years the Sikh community has been trying and hoping that one day Indian justice will wake up and act to punish the guilty congress leaders like Sajjan Kumar, Tytler, Kamal Nath etc. After waiting for long time finally there was some hope after CBI finally pressed charges against Sajjan Kumar and five associates. And there were witnesses against them who had identified Sajjan Kumar directing and leading mobs to kill innocent Sikhs. There was hope that finally the Justice system will punish Sajjan Kumar.

But unfortunately on 30th April all those hopes vanished when the Judge found Sajjan Kumar not guilty for lack of evidence. The Judge found his five associates guilty but let Sajjan Kumar the main guilty leader leading the mobs to kill innocent persons, go scott free. Everybody feels that decision was dictated by the top Congress leadership who is determined to protect the guilty congress leaders. Otherwise how can a Judge give such a ridiculous judgement, Finding five associates guilty but releasing Sajjan Kumar their leader who was directing and leading them to kill innocent persons.

Another thing that proves that India has Double Standards of Justice system controlled by the ruling Govt. and anti-minorities. Prof. Bhullar was given death sentence even when there was no evidence and witness against him. Only thing against him was police brutality’s forced confession. Two out of three Judges found him guilty strictly based on that confession. Where as third Judge found Prof. Bhullar not guilty for lack of evidence and witness. But the ruling Congress Govt. and SC Judges still approved death sentence to Prof. Bhullar.

But the same Indian Justice system controlled by the ruling congress Govt. and leadership found Sajjan Kumar not guilty despite evidence and witnesses against. These two cases of Prof. Bhullar and Sajjan Kumar clearly proves the Double Standards of Indian Justice system. Death sentence to Prof. Bhullar despite no evidence and witnesses. And letting Sajjan Kumar go scott free despit evidence and witnesses against him. Shame on such Double Standards of Indian Justice system controlled by the ruling Congress leadership and being anti-minorities.

Kanwal jit Singh Gill
(Surrey, B.C)

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