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Five top viewed short movies in SikhNet Online Youth Film Festival 2015

September 23, 2015 | By

Chandigarh: SikhNet’s Online Youth Film Festival was had started on September 15. It’s 10th such festival by SikhNet.Com. This year, the theme for the festival is Sikhs – Agents of Change. SikhNet received 27 films from young Sikh directors in the United States, the United Kingdom, Punjab, India and the United Arab Emirates. The majority of the films this year have come from Indian subcontinent. These films can now be viewed through the SikhNet website.

The SikhNet Youth Online Film Festival offers prizes for different categories. The Junior Division is for directors ages 11-17. The winner of this category will receive a $500 prize.

The Intermediate Division includes directors ages 18-28. The top three films will be awarded $1000 each.

Thumbnails of Top viewed movies in SikhNet Online Youth Festival

Thumbnails of Top viewed movies in SikhNet Online Youth Festival

The Senior Division focuses on directors above age 29. The winner receives recognition and promotion, but no cash prize.

Judging for the winners will involve SikhNet staff with audience input. The online audience can watch the films, “like” the films through various social media such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Google+, and then comment on the films and share the films with their friends and family. Feedback from the audience will be a factor in determining this year’s winners, says a SikhNet release.

The competition will reportedly close on 29th of September, 2015.

Here are five most viewed movies so far:


Directed by Pardeep Singh this short movie is leading the chart with 13.5K+ views on YouTube.

Description: The story of the film is based on the real events. We often meet people who are living a bad lifestyle by following the bad examples as their guide for life and we rarely meet people who are not only following the good examples, but are also implying those in their real lives as well.

Our characters of the film are based on such people from Sikh family who choose their lifestyle by following the pious examples; such as turban, kadda and more symbols associated with the Sikh Religion.

Link to Watch Example Movie

(2) BANA (A True Identity):

Directed by Harsan Mallhi this short movie is at second place on the chart with 10.3K+ views on YouTube.

I got this idea by seeing some people thinking that they are Sikh by birth, but in real there are very apart from that. So I thought to make people aware about being a real Sikh. By this video we can communicate people indirectly and can bring a positive change.

Link to watch Bana Movie


Directed by Suhaan Singh, Kaarif is at third place on “views chart” with 9.5K+ views on YouTube.

Description: Short Film is based on a true story. I think, We have to explain it very well why we’ve used a question mark after the word kaafir. Our film is based on the “Seva” theme and we’ve added some more detail and social issues.

What we’re trying to show is that :

a) Akaal Purakh Ik Hai. So, Kise insaan nu “doosra dharam” wale naam to na janeya jave.

b) What is the real mean of “Seva”?

c) Dharma Granthan vich Jo Likheya Hai.. Ki Follow Ho Raha Hai?

d) Tusi Har Jeev Cho Malik De Didar Karonge Ta Samjh Lena Ke Tusi Akaal Purakh Nu Apna Rahe Ho.

e) Dharam Pyaar Sikhaunda Hai, Na Ke Nafrat.

f) Asi Dikhana Chah Rahe Haan Ke, Pyaar Kise Vi Tarah Ki Nafrat Nu Khattam Karke Pyaar Te Os Malik De Raste Le Janda Hai.

Link to watch Kaafir Movie


Directed by RajAngad Singh this short movie is presently at fourth position with 7.8K+ views on YouTube.

Description: This story is an inspiration from a similar kind of real life happening. It is an afternoon, when a Middle Class Sikh man is working very hard outside preparing the snacks when suddenly some guys enter and try to provoke him and how the man reacts to the situation.

Link to watch An Afternoon Saga Movie


Directed by Sukhmanjot Singh this short movie is currently holding fifth position with 4.1+ views so far as views on YouTube are concerned.

Description: Anybody can help. Anybody can bring change. We don’t need to be God’s angels to help our people in need. We just need to be human.

And a human with a helping heart, is Godly. When we trust , God comes to rescue in form of such humans. This is true story of my great grandfather Gurmukh Singh, whose faith in Almighty saved the life of my grandfather, through mystic circumstances.

Link to watch Gurmukh movie

Close chase for fifth place:


It is pertinent to mention here that GURMUKH is closely chased by another short movie SAVAAYA, directed by Avreet Singh. Gurmukh had 4,117 views whereas Savaaya had 4100 views when Sikh Siyasat News last checked the views telly.

Description: This story is about how the Sikhs even in their hard times did not give up on the values taught to them by their Gurus which were – to stay in “Chardhikala” at all times and doing “Shukrana” for whatever “AKALPURAKH” has bestowed upon us.
It teaches us that with courage and sacrifice we can face any dire situation in our lives.

Link to watch Savaaya movie

Disclaimer: It is pertinent to mention here that views of above mentioned movies were last recorded by Sikh Siyasat News (SSN) on 21:26 HRS (IST) on September 23, 2015 and the movies were listed above accordingly. As the this is related to an ongoing event, above mentioned list may change in coming days. Moreover, above list is in no way suggestive of competition results in any way and it is prepared just for the information and interest of the views. Description of movies are provided by filmmakers/SikhNet.

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