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“Genocide, Modi, and Operation Bluestar” – OFMI Director Bhajan Singh on 30th Anniversary of Sikh Genocide

November 4, 2014 | By

Bhajan Singh, director of Organization for Minorities of India, speaking personally as a Sikh during the 30th anniversary of the October 31 – November 3, 1984 Sikh Genocide, comments on the background of the atrocity —

“In June 1984, the Indian state used tanks, chemical weapons, paratroopers, and other weapons to attack our holiest shrine, the [Darbar Sahib]. They killed women, innocent women, children, all under the pretext of wiping out terrorism….

“1984 is a continuation of attacks.It is not the first time our temple was attacked because the Sikh religion contradicts every aspect of the Hindu scripture code, which has a caste system. People are divided along caste [by birth]. Even today, many caste people are prevented by rules and regulations and anti-conversion laws fro leaving the Hindu religion to become a Christian or another religion…

“The Sikh doctrine is very strongly against inequality. It enforces equality and it contradicts the dictate of the State, which is pro-Hindu. That is the basic reason the attack happened, because the people who were fighting for principles of equality and justice — the State, with its machinery and everything, labeled them as terrorists.

“It came after them with tanks, every conceivable weapon you can imagine, and just killed thousands and thousands of people. The rampage and the killings, extra-judicial killings, death squads, it went on until 1995. It started in 1984 and ended in 1995. By estimates, 250,000 young Sikh men between the ages of 16 and 35 were just picked up from the streets, never to be seen again….

“The current prime minister was banned [from coming to the USA] because he committed so many crimes against Muslims and Christians. India is the place where the most Christians are killed in the world. It’s not the Middle East. It’s India. Christians are persecuted. Sikhs are persecuted. The marginalized, indigenous people of India, the Dalits, the low-caste, the women — it’s the rape capital of the world.

“I am a very strong speaker and opponent of all these atrocities and I’m blacklisted from going back to my ancestral land…. Thank God I have the American soil to protect me, to give me the air of freedom in my lungs, to seek truth and justice…. God bless America.”


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