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Government Shutdown – Sikhs Opens Doors of Sikh Centres Across the USA for Assistance

January 23, 2019 | By

New York, USA: Sikhs across the United States opened doors of Gurdwara Sahibs and other Sikh centres to offer assistance during US government shutdown. In a community update, the United Sikhs said that it has initiated a Temporary National Assistance Program (TNAP) to assist the federal employees impacted by the government shutdown. More than 800,000 federal employees have been adversely impacted by the federal shutdown.

United Sikhs partners – the Sikh Gurdwaras across the United States, Restaurant owners, community centers and other interfaith groups will provide temporary assistance in the form of food items (perishable and non-perishable) and emergency supplies as available and needed. Case managers will be available for assistance and a review of cases on an individual basis.

Government Shutdown – Sikhs Opens Doors of Sikh Centres Across the USA for Assistance

“Many of our friends, neighbors, fellow community members, colleagues and families were told in December 2018 that there would be a looming government shutdown. With these announcements many started rationing money and took life decisions from the holidays till now! This has impacted adults and children alike throughout the country”, the NGO said.

“It a great way to carry the Guru’s mission forward”, stated United Sikhs Community Empowerment Education Director, Dr. Gurparkash Singh.

Gurvinder Singh, International Sikh Aid Director United Sikhs said “As a duty we are bound to be involved, to watch out for our neighbors, to protect and assist anyone in need. It is in our teachings we derive this internal and external drive to serve anywhere need is needed, it is a part of our DNA”.

How will the Temporary National Assistance Program (TNAP) campaign work?

• Bring your government ID to participating Gurdwaras and Sikh Food Bank locations. Contact United Sikhs through Twitter at @UnitedSikhs.

• A warm meal may be served (optional), a pre-packed nutritional care package with food may be provided (optional), some monetary assistance may be available, in certain locations sangat (Sikh community members) or vendors may be able to come drop off requested food items and other locations fast food options may be available.

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