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Haryana Assembly Elections 2014: Complete List of Winning and Loosing Candates

October 19, 2014 | By

Haryana, India: The Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) has attained clear majority in Haryana assembly. BJP secured 47 seats in 90 member state assembly. Two times ruling Congress party was able to secure 15 seats and lasted at third place. Indian National Lok Dal (INDL) secured 19 seats while it’s ally Shiromani Akali Dal (Badal) also bagged 1 seat. Haryana Janhit Congress and Bahujan Samaj Party bagged 2 and 1 seats respectivly, while independent candidates won from 5 seats.

Here is list of Winning and Loosing Candidates:

Haryana Result Status

Status Known For 90 out of 90 Constituencies
Const. Const. No.


Winning Party


Loosing Party

Margin Status
Adampur 47 KULDEEP BISHNOI Haryana Janhit Congress (BL) KULVEER SINGH BENIWAL Indian National Lok Dal 17249 Result Declared
Ambala Cantt. 4 ANIL VIJ Bharatiya Janata Party CH. NIRMAL SINGH Indian National Congress 15462 Result Declared
Ambala City 5 ASEEM GOEL Bharatiya Janata Party VENOD SHARMA Haryana Jan Chetna Party (V) 23252 Result Declared
Assandh 23 BAKHSHISH SINGH VIRK Bharatiya Janata Party MARATHA VIRENDER VERMA Bahujan Samaj Party 4608 Result Declared
Ateli 68 SANTOSH YADAV Bharatiya Janata Party SATBIR Indian National Lok Dal 48601 Result Declared
Badhra 55 SUKHVINDER Bharatiya Janata Party RANBIR SINGH MAHENDRA Indian National Congress 5006 Result Declared
Badkhal 87 SEEMA TRIKHA Bharatiya Janata Party MAHENDER PARTAP SINGH Indian National Congress 36609 Result Declared
Badli 65 OM PARKASH DHANKAR Bharatiya Janata Party KULDEEP VATS Independent 9266 Result Declared
Badshahpur 76 NARBIR SINGH Bharatiya Janata Party RAKESH DAULTABAD Indian National Lok Dal 18132 Result Declared
Bahadurgarh 64 NARESH KAUSHIK Bharatiya Janata Party RAJINDER SINGH JOON Indian National Congress 4882 Result Declared
Ballabhgarh 88 MOOL CHAND SHARMA Bharatiya Janata Party LAKHAN KUMAR SINGLA Indian National Congress 53098 Result Declared
Baroda 33 SRI KRISHAN Indian National Congress DR. KAPOOR SINGH NARWAL Indian National Lok Dal 5183 Result Declared
Barwala 51 VED NARANG Indian National Lok Dal SURENDER PUNIA Bharatiya Janata Party 10261 Result Declared
Bawal (SC) 72 DR. BANWARI LAL Bharatiya Janata Party SHYAM SUNDER Indian National Lok Dal 37391 Result Declared
Bawani Khera (SC) 59 BISHAMBER SINGH Bharatiya Janata Party DAYA BHURTANA Indian National Lok Dal 2559 Result Declared
Beri 67 DR.RAGHUVIR SINGH KADIAN Indian National Congress CHATAR SINGH Independent 4493 Result Declared
Bhiwani 57 GHANSHYAM SARAF Bharatiya Janata Party NIRMLA SARAF Indian National Lok Dal 28597 Result Declared
Dabwali 43 NAINA SINGH CHAUTALA Indian National Lok Dal DR.KAMALVIR SINGH Indian National Congress 8545 Result Declared
Dadri 56 RAJDEEP Indian National Lok Dal SOMVIR Bharatiya Janata Party 1610 Result Declared
Ellenabad 46 ABHAY SINGH CHAUTALA Indian National Lok Dal PAWAN BENIWAL Bharatiya Janata Party 11539 Result Declared
Faridabad 89 VIPUL GOEL Bharatiya Janata Party ANAND KAUSHIK Indian National Congress 44781 Result Declared
Faridabad NIT 86 NAGENDER BHADANA Indian National Lok Dal PANDIT SHIV CHARAN LAL SHARMA Independent 2914 Result Declared
Fatehabad 40 BALWAN SINGH DAULATPURIA Indian National Lok Dal DURA RAM Haryana Janhit Congress (BL) 3505 Result Declared
Ferozepur Jhirka 80 NASEEM AHMED Indian National Lok Dal MAMMAN KHAN Independent 3245 Result Declared
Ganaur 28 KULDIP SHARMA Indian National Congress NIRMAL RANI Indian National Lok Dal 7543 Result Declared
Garhi Sampla-Kiloi 61 BHUPINDER SINGH HOODA Indian National Congress SATISH KUMAR NANDAL Indian National Lok Dal 47185 Result Declared
Gharaunda 22 HARVINDER KALYAN Bharatiya Janata Party NARENDER SANGWAN Indian National Lok Dal 17883 Result Declared
Gohana 32 JAGBIR SINGH MALIK Indian National Congress DR.KRISHAN CHANDER BANGER Indian National Lok Dal 3228 Result Declared
Guhla (SC) 15 KULWANT RAM BAZIGAR Bharatiya Janata Party DILLU RAM Indian National Congress 2440 Result Declared
Gurgaon 77 UMESH AGGARWAL Bharatiya Janata Party GOPI CHAND GAHLOT Indian National Lok Dal 84095 Result Declared
Hansi 50 RENUKA BISHNOI Haryana Janhit Congress (BL) UMED SINGH LOHAN Indian National Lok Dal 14652 Result Declared
Hathin 82 KEHAR SINGH Indian National Lok Dal HARSH KUMAR Bharatiya Janata Party 6372 Result Declared
Hisar 52 DR.KAMAL GUPTA S/O MANPHOOL SINGH Bharatiya Janata Party SAVITRI JINDAL Indian National Congress 13646 Result Declared
Hodal (SC) 83 UDAI BHAN Indian National Congress JAGDISH NAYAR Indian National Lok Dal 11680 Result Declared
Indri 20 KARAN DEV KAMBOJ Bharatiya Janata Party USHA KASHYAP Indian National Lok Dal 23875 Result Declared
Israna (SC) 26 KRISHAN LAL PANWAR Bharatiya Janata Party BALBIR SINGH Indian National Congress 1828 Result Declared
Jagadhri 8 KANWAR PAL S/O CHANDAN SINGH Bharatiya Janata Party AKRAM KHAN Bahujan Samaj Party 34156 Result Declared
Jhajjar (SC) 66 GEETA BHUKKAL Indian National Congress SADHU RAM Indian National Lok Dal 26584 Result Declared
Jind 36 DR. HARI CHAND MIDDHA Indian National Lok Dal SURINDER SINGH BARWALA Bharatiya Janata Party 2257 Result Declared
Julana 34 PARMINDER SINGH DHULL Indian National Lok Dal DHARMENDER SINGH DHULL Indian National Congress 22806 Result Declared
Kaithal 17 RANDEEP SINGH SURJEWALA Indian National Congress KAILASH BHAGAT Indian National Lok Dal 23675 Result Declared
Kalanaur (SC) 63 SHAKUNTLA KHATAK Indian National Congress RAM AVTAR BALMIKI Bharatiya Janata Party 3972 Result Declared
Kalawali (SC) 42 BALKAUR SINGH Shiromani Akali Dal SHISHPAL KEHARWALA Indian National Congress 12965 Result Declared
Kalayat 16 BHAI JAI PARKASH (J.P.) Independent RAM PAL MAJRA Indian National Lok Dal 8390 Result Declared
Kalka 1 LATIKA SHARMA Bharatiya Janata Party PARDEEP CHAUDHARY Indian National Lok Dal 19027 Result Declared
Karnal 21 MANOHAR LAL KHATTAR Bharatiya Janata Party JAI PARKASH GUPTA KARNAL Independent 63773 Result Declared
Kharkhauda (SC) 30 JAIVEER SINGH Indian National Congress PAWAN KUMAR Independent 14182 Result Declared
Kosli 73 BIKRAM SINGH THEKEDAR Bharatiya Janata Party JAGDISH YADAV Indian National Lok Dal 10767 Result Declared
Ladwa 11 DR. PAWAN SAINI Bharatiya Janata Party BACHAN KAUR BARSHAMI Indian National Lok Dal 2992 Result Declared
Loharu 54 OM PARKASH BARWA Indian National Lok Dal JAI PARKASH DALAL Bharatiya Janata Party 2095 Result Declared
Mahendragarh 69 RAM BILASH SHARMA Bharatiya Janata Party DAN SINGH RAO Indian National Congress 34491 Result Declared
Meham 60 ANAND SINGH DANGI Indian National Congress SHAMSHER SINGH KHARKARA Bharatiya Janata Party 9657 Result Declared
Mulana (SC) 6 SANTOSH CHAUHAN SARWAN Bharatiya Janata Party RAJBIR SINGH Indian National Lok Dal 5649 Result Declared
Nalwa 53 RANBIR GANGWA Indian National Lok Dal CHANDER MOHAN Haryana Janhit Congress (BL) 7115 Result Declared
Nangal chaudhry 71 ABHE SINGH YADAV Bharatiya Janata Party MANJU Indian National Lok Dal 981 Result Declared
Naraingarh 3 NAYAB SINGH Bharatiya Janata Party RAM KISHAN Indian National Congress 24361 Result Declared
Narnaul 70 OM PRAKASH Bharatiya Janata Party KAMLESH Indian National Lok Dal 4573 Result Declared
Narnaund 49 CAPTAIN ABHIMANYU Bharatiya Janata Party RAJ SINGH MOR Indian National Lok Dal 5761 Result Declared
Narwana (SC) 38 PIRTHI SINGH Indian National Lok Dal SANTOSH RANI, Bharatiya Janata Party 9152 Result Declared
Nilokheri (SC) 19 BHAGWAN DASS KABIR PANTHI Bharatiya Janata Party MAMU RAM Indian National Lok Dal 34410 Result Declared
Nuh 79 ZAKIR HUSSAIN Indian National Lok Dal AFTAB AHMED Indian National Congress 32796 Result Declared
Palwal 84 KARAN SINGH DALAL Indian National Congress DEEPAK MANGLA Bharatiya Janata Party 5642 Result Declared
Panchkula 2 GIAN CHAND GUPTA Bharatiya Janata Party KUL BHUSHAN GOYAL Indian National Lok Dal 44602 Result Declared
Panipat City 25 ROHITA REWRI Bharatiya Janata Party VIRENDER KUMAR SHAH Indian National Congress 53721 Result Declared
Panipat Rural 24 MAHIPAL DHANDA Bharatiya Janata Party DHARA SINGH RAWAL Independent 36132 Result Declared
Pataudi (SC) 75 BIMLA CHAUDHARY Bharatiya Janata Party GANGA RAM Indian National Lok Dal 38963 Result Declared
Pehowa 14 JASWINDER SINGH SANDHU Indian National Lok Dal JAI BHAGWAN SHARMA ( D.D.) Bharatiya Janata Party 9347 Result Declared
Prithla 85 TEK CHAND SHARMA Bahujan Samaj Party NAYAN PAL RAWAT Bharatiya Janata Party 1179 Result Declared
Punahana 81 RAHISH KHAN Independent MOHAMMED ILYAS Indian National Lok Dal 3141 Result Declared
Pundri 18 DINESH KAUSHIK Independent RANDHIR SINGH GOLLEN Bharatiya Janata Party 4832 Result Declared
Radaur 10 SHYAM SINGH Bharatiya Janata Party RAJ KUMAR BUBKA Indian National Lok Dal 38707 Result Declared
Rai 29 JAI TIRATH Indian National Congress INDERJEET Indian National Lok Dal 3 Result Declared
Rania 44 RAM CHAND KAMBOJ Indian National Lok Dal GOBIND KANDA Haryana Lokhit Party 4315 Result Declared
Ratia (SC) 41 PROF. RAVINDER BALIALA Indian National Lok Dal SUNITA DUGGAL Bharatiya Janata Party 453 Result Declared
Rewari 74 RANDHIR SINGH KAPRIWAS Bharatiya Janata Party SATISH YADAV Indian National Lok Dal 45466 Result Declared
Rohtak 62 MANISH KUMAR GROVER Bharatiya Janata Party BHARAT BHUSHAN BATRA Indian National Congress 11132 Result Declared
Sadhaura (SC) 7 BALWANT SINGH Bharatiya Janata Party PINKI CHHAPPER Indian National Lok Dal 14146 Result Declared
Safidon 35 JASBIR DESWAL Independent DR.VANDANA SHARMA Bharatiya Janata Party 1422 Result Declared
Samalkha 27 RAVINDER MACHHROULI Independent DHARM SINGH CHHOKER Indian National Congress 20373 Result Declared
Shahbad (SC) 12 KRISHAN KUMAR Bharatiya Janata Party RAM KARAN Indian National Lok Dal 562 Result Declared
Sirsa 45 MAKHAN LAL SINGLA Indian National Lok Dal GOPAL KANDA Haryana Lokhit Party 2938 Result Declared
Sohna 78 TEJPAL TAWAR Bharatiya Janata Party KISHORE YADAV Indian National Lok Dal 24547 Result Declared
Sonipat 31 KAVITA JAIN Bharatiya Janata Party DEV RAJ DIWAN Indian National Congress 25810 Result Declared
Thanesar 13 SUBHASH SUDHA Bharatiya Janata Party ASHOK KUMAR ARORA Indian National Lok Dal 25638 Result Declared
Tigaon 90 LALIT NAGAR Indian National Congress RAJESH NAGAR Bharatiya Janata Party 2938 Result Declared
Tohana 39 SUBHASH BARALA Bharatiya Janata Party NISHAN SINGH Indian National Lok Dal 6906 Result Declared
Tosham 58 KIRAN CHOUDHRY Indian National Congress KAMLA RANI Indian National Lok Dal 19741 Result Declared
Uchana kalan 37 PREM LATA Bharatiya Janata Party DUSHYANT CHAUTALA Indian National Lok Dal 7480 Result Declared
Uklana (SC) 48 ANOOP DHANAK Indian National Lok Dal SEEMA GAIBIPUR Bharatiya Janata Party 17927 Result Declared
Yamunanagar 9 GHANSHYAM DASS Bharatiya Janata Party DILBAGH SINGH Indian National Lok Dal 28245 Result Declared

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