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Hindu-Sikh tentions on the rise in Pakistan after incidents of sacrilege of Sikh scripture

September 17, 2013 | By

Karachi, Pakistan (September 17, 2013): Certain media reports suggest that the tensions have been escalating between Pakistani Hindus and Sikhs. There have been incidents of sacrilege of Guru Granth Sahib Ji in various parts of Southern Sindh province.

As per information Hindus are Pakistan’s second largest minority after Christian, whereas they are the largest minority in Sindh province. They constitute 2 per cent of total 180 million population of this South Asian nuclear Muslim state.

Out of total Hindu population, 92 per cent belong to schedule cast or lower cast, while 8 per cent belong to upper cast of Hindus. Upper caste Hindus are by and large rich, and educated-mostly involved in business, trade, and medical professions.

Sikhs are the third largest minority in Pakistan, mostly settled in northeastern Punjab province. Their total population is around 40,000.

“Five incidents of sacrilege have occurred in different parts of the province during last five months,” Sardar Ramesh Singh, Chairman Pakistan Sikh Council reportedly told

Tensions have flared after the saroops of “Guru Garanth Saheb,” which were found burnt and torn off in different districts of Upper Sindh.

Blaming the incidents on Hindus, the Pakistan Sikh Council said that the copies have been burnt, and torn off in Hindu temples in Mehhar, Pano Aqil, Sukkur, Mirpur Mathelo and Shikarpur cities.

“A large number of Hindus pretend to be followers of Guru Nanak, and they keep Guru Granth Sahib’s saroops in their temples. I am not blaming the entire Hindu community, but there are some elements within them who want to spoil the good relations between the two communities,” Sardar Ramesh observed.

“This is highly condemnable act. It has created unrest among the Sikh community, which may take an alarming turn.

“We have informed the elders of Hindu community- not only on national and provincial level, but at the local level as well where the incidents have occurred,” he added in an angry tone.

“And, they have admitted that their own people are involved in this abhorrent act,” he added.

Raja Asar Manglani, a Hindu elder and former chairman of Pakistan Hindu Council, shared Sikh community’s anger.

“This is true that some Hindus are involved in this heinous act,” Manglani, a famous trader, reportedly told

“The Hindu community vehemently condemns this act and disassociates itself from those elements who want to sow the seeds of hatred between Sikhs and Hindus in Pakistan.”

Lukewarm Response

Despite a clear-cut condemnation from Hindu elders, Sardar Ramesh Singh still appears to be unsatisfied with the magnitude of reaction.

“Verbal condemnation does not matter here. It can be done by anyone,” Ramesh Singh opined.

“When, they (Hindus) admit that their own people are involved in the sacrilege, then what action has been taken against them.

“In fact, they (perpetrators) are being saved,” he alleged.

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