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Hindutva ‘Thought Paper’ lists out 5-Ms as biggest enemies of Hindutva forces in India

November 24, 2014 | By

Do you know who the “biggest enemies of the Hindu society” are? These are ‘Malicious-5 or M5 — Marxism, Macaulayism, Missionaries, Materialism and Muslim extremism — says a two-side printed single-page ‘Thought Paper’ distributed in the World Hindu Congress 2014 that concluded in the national capital on Sunday.

On one hand there are RSS leaders talking of the ‘confident Hindu’ making his mark on the world stage . There are calls to shed parochialism and be open-minded to the world around. On the other we have this.

The progress of Hinduism perhaps depends a lot on how well its passionate advocates reconcile the two strands of thought – one more progressive and pragmatic and the other insular and given to creating and fighting enemies, imaginary and real. The second corresponds well to the term Hindutva while the first to Hinduism. These have separate connotations.

World Hindu Congress 2014

World Hindu Congress 2014

The pamphlet purportedly published by ‘Progressive Foundation’ describes M5 as “the five-fingered fist of the demon Mayasur” which “is otherwise very weak” but is “continuously weakening the Hindu society for centuries now”.

“The only purpose of the M5 is to cut the last leg of the Dharma Bull. The destruction of Dharma in the world in only possible by weakening the very source of Dharma, which is Hindu India,” claims the paper, a copy of which is with Firstpost, distributed on the first day of the three-day conclave.

The “five sinister anti-Hindu forces” or M5 “disguise themselves in various forms, places and various periods of time”.

“Sometimes, an evil finger attacks Hindu society with guerrilla warfare in the form of Maoists. At the same time, other finger attacks Hindus openly in the form of jihadists. With two fingers in action, another finger attacks on the cultural front in the form of ‘Kiss of Love’,” argues the pamphlet.

It goes on to add that “striking with individual fingers is a common known chicanery of this fist. So, to strengthen its deceit, these cunning fingers come together to form sinful alliances with each other at various levels”.

Citing an example, it says, “…at political level, two of the fingers disguise themselves as Congress party and at the same time, three of the fingers disguise themselves as AAP (Aam Aadmi Party). No matter in which forms the Hindu enemy appears, it is always this M5 in disguise.”

To fight this “diabolic alliance”, the ‘Thought Paper’, which is full of venom and has abusive terms, explains Hindus how to identify each “malicious finger” of the demon Mayasur or M5. There’s no need to get into the details here. The tone and tenor of the ‘paper’ explains it well.

Marxism, according to the paper, is the thumb of the demon’s claw. This thumb has given birth to multiple bastard offspring like communists, socialists, liberals, Maoists, anarchists and all other forms of Leftists. Macaulayism entails perverted psychology to scrutinise, interpret and evaluate Hindu culture, history, society and spirituality with the help of concepts evolved by western scholarship. This creates a worshipful attitude towards everything in western society in the name of progress, reason and science.

Christianity is losing favour in the West, therefore, it is making a bold bid to establish a safer haven in the East. The wily Christian missionaries are trying hard to win converts in Islamic and Communist countries of Asia. Materialism is the most degenerated of all Ms.

The fourth M encompasses western individualism and liberalism. This M feeds upon various platforms such as English medium schools, fashion trends, television and movies. Materialism wickedly pits an individual against its own society’s value system.

Muslim extremism is the poisonous fruit of Islam. Islam aims for Muslims to be brainwashed, blackmailed, frightened and forced into the fold of jihadism. On the other hand, it toils hard to neutralise, paralyse and blacken Hindu society so that the road for the forward march of Islam is clear.

All available platforms are being used to defeat the emergence of Hindu nationalism. This is done by harping on India’s multi-racial, multi-religious, multi-language, multi-national and multi-cultural character. The fight with Islam will be one of the longest in the history, it says.

These soldiers of Hinduism – Hindutva is more appropriate here – have identified their enemies. It puts them in conflict with a rainbow range of Indians. A prolonged conflict cannot be good for the cause of Hinduism. Will the champions of Hinduism be able to manage the forces of Hindutva? Let’s wait and watch.

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