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How Denial of Punjab’s Right Over River Water and Hydro-Power Affects People of Punjab

October 24, 2020 | By

Punjab’s farmers have been protesting against new agricultural laws enacted by the Government of India (GoI). Other sections of the Punjabi society, especially the youths, have also come forward in support of farmers.

Few days back a number of youth activists, professionals and researchers issued a joint statement underlining that the agrarian crisis of Punjab was not merely an economic issue, rather it was deeply connected with politics and political agenda of the Delhi Takht i.e. the Indian State. These youth leaders stressed that Punjab should get autonomous right to determine price of agricultural produce and the state should get freedom to directly engage in international trade via land route with Pakistan and other countries. They also put forward the restoration of Punjab’s permanent sovereign right over natural resources, including the river water, as a solution to the agrarian crisis.

To explore these aspects in detail, these youth activists and opinionists held a ‘Webinar’ on Sunday (October 11, 2020). During this webinar Sikh Youth of Punjab president Paramjit Singh Mand explained that how denail of Punjab’s rights over river water and hydro-power of Punjab affects people of Punjab? This is video recording of views shared by Paramjit Singh Mand.

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