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How to Understand and Deal with Critical Situations

March 2, 2023 | By



Now a days people have become so hasty that most of the things are done on the whim of their own mind. A person does not even venture enough to investigate the facts of his own mind before declaring it to be true. In the past, some gentlemen (names can be taken but not necessary at present) interpreted Bhai Daljit Singh Ji’s invitation for dialogue to mean that Bhai Sahib was asking for dialogue with the Delhi Darbar.

Now it is nothing but the whims and fancies of one’s own mind because Bhai Daljit Singh is talking about dialogue in the Sikh world. This becomes clear in his statements and explanations. Talks with the government are not even mentioned anywhere in it. It is very clear that no party in Critical Sitution is in a position to hold meaningful talks with the opposing ruling party without correcting the internal row through mutual dialogue.

The experience of negotiating with the Delhi Darbar in the issue of Sikhs is in front of everyone. In recent times, even in the year 2019, many had fulfilled their desire to negotiate but nothing was achieved. About who participated in the conversation and who did not, one can read the news published in Ajit by the late journalist Major Singh (author of the book after the flood of militant movement). It becomes clear that if any parties in the country and abroad were left after recognizing the fakeness of this conversation, then they were the contact parts of Bhai Daljit Singh. There is a lot to be said about this issue but one hesitates to think that when your society’s own internal conditions are not right, it does not increase disunity, but first corrects the internal row by shrinking it.

Mutual issues are discussed together and not disturbed by shouting. It should be remembered that when a man’s mind is overwhelmed by haste, he insists on accepting his opinion as a fact. First he interprets the meaning of what someone said according to his own mind’s assumptions and then starts using his every word/step to confirm the same assumptions. Just as a victim of “Confirmation Bias” sees only those aspects that confirm his or her perception, the same goes for looking at an electronic site without any personal or direct information. This would not benefit anyone except our common adversary, i.e. the Delhi Darbar. It should be avoided. This is the time to act responsibly, not indulge in recklessness.

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