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Human Race Facing the Survival Question?

April 11, 2020 | By

  • Lockdown rendered Ganga clean. Better than what was not achieved after the spending of Re 5000 crores. So is the Yamuna. Faulty industrialisation has polluted rivers, spoilt the environment.
  • Modern agriculture caused a 65 percent fall in water level and degraded 30 percent of farmlands.
  • PAU’s farm scientists never advised farmers against the leveling of sand dunes for rice farming.
  • Installed at equal cost to leveling, the sprinklers could have irrigated natural, unlevelled fields for growing NOT rice but vegetables/fruits.
  • PAU rendered farming an industry dependent on fertilizers/chemicals changing farmers’ health/mental make-up driving them to urbanisation/ depression /debt/ suicide. Inorganic food grains are not healthy and do not build needed immunity among humans against Corona.
  • Villagers following urban ruling elites engrossed in consumerism/ greed/ immoral life that have destroyed Nature /ecology.
  • At Global Hunger Index India ranked 102nd among 117 countries- lower than Pakistan.
  • Per capita consumption among urban Indian has recently increased by 3 percent to Re 3200 while in villages it came down by 8 percent at Re 1300.
  • Domestic 35 lakh migrant workers heavily suffered in lockdown. Internet traffic is now up by 30 percent forcing a policy change by operators. Fuel-diesel/ petrol consumption has slumped to 66 percent in India.
  • Eight doctors died of Corona in the UK — none of them was ‘White’, all hailing from Asia and Africa.
  • Orissa and Punjab enhanced lockdown till April 30.
  • Newspapers lost circulation in lockdown- a prominent daily’s print order came down from 14 to ONE lakh.
  • Either Journalists/ other employees’ salaries are reduced by 30-40 percent or one-third of them shown the door.

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