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Improved Version of Free Punjabi Font Converter Released by Sikh Siyasat

April 23, 2021 | By

Jalandhar: Sikh Siyasat has been contributing for the promotion of Punjabi language by various means. One of the free services offered by the Sikh Siyasat for promotion of Punjabi language is online Punjabi font converter.

Using this converter, users can convert text between various Punjabi fonts, including AnmolLipi, Unicode, DrChatrik Web, Awaaze, Satluj, Asees, GurbaniLipi and Joy.

A new and improved version of this service was released today.

“Punjabi Font Converter is a free service offered by Sikh Siyasat. This service is accessible through our website We had noticed some minor mistakes in the service, therefore a new version of converter is released after fixing the issues”, said Parmjeet Singh, editor of Sikh Siyasat News (SSN).

Direct Link of Font Converter Page:

Users may use this Free Punjabi Font Converter utility by visiting this url –

Thousands of Users in Punjab & India Not Able to Use Font Converter Due to Blocking:

“It is unfortunate that the Government of India has ordered Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in India and Punjab to block website, as a results thousands of users from this region are not able to avail benefits of Sikh Siaysat’s free Punjabi font converter service”, he added.

A screenshot of Free Font Converter service by Sikh Siyasat

Punjabi Font Converter Details:

Using Gurmukhi Unicode Font Converter Utility by Sikh Siyasat users can convert text from AnmolLipi to Unicode, DrChatrikWeb to Unicode, Asees to Unicode, Awaze To Unicode, Satluj To Unicode, Joy to Unicode, GurbaniLipi to Unicode, Gurmukhi Lys 020 to Unicode, Unicode to AnmolLipi, Unicode to DrChatrikWeb, Unicode to Asees, Unicode to Awaze, Unicode to Satluj, Unicode to Joy, Unicode to GurbaniLipi, Unicode to Gurmukhi Lys 020, DrChatrikWeb to AnmolLipi, DrChatrikWeb to Asees, DrChatrikWeb to Awaze, DrChatrikWeb to Satluj, DrChatrikWeb to Joy, DrChatrikWeb to GurbaniLipi, DrChatrikWeb to Gurmukhi Lys 020, Asees to AnmolLipi, Asees to DrChatrikWeb, Asees to Awaze, Asees to Satluj, Asees to Joy, Asees to GurbaniLipi, Asees to Gurmukhi Lys 020Awaze to AnmolLipiAwaze to DrChatrikWeb, Awaze to Asees, Awaze to SatlujAwaze to JoyAwaze to GurbaniLipiAwaze to Gurmukhi Lys 020Satluj to AnmolLipiSatluj to DrChatrikWeb, Satluj to Awaze, Satluj to Asees, Satluj to JoySatluj to GurbaniLipiSatluj to Gurmukhi Lys 020GurbaniLipi to AnmolLipiGurbaniLipi to DrChatrikWebGurbaniLipi to Awaze, GurbaniLipi to Asees, GurbaniLipi to Joy, GurbaniLipi to SatlujGurbaniLipi to Gurmukhi Lys 020Gurmukhi Lys 020 to AnmolLipiGurmukhi Lys 020 to DrChatrikWebGurmukhi Lys 020 to Awaze, Gurmukhi Lys 020 to Asees, Gurmukhi Lys 020 to JoyGurmukhi Lys 020 to Satluj and Gurmukhi Lys 020 to GurbaniLipi.

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