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India and Pakistan ex-officers threatens use of nuclear weapons during war

August 13, 2014 | By

New Delhi, India (August 13, 2014): On August 12, when Indian prime minister declared in Ladakh that Pakistan had no guts to engage in a direct war with India, and condemned the western neighbour for it’s “proxy war” against India, a different confrontation front eventually emerged on a TV channel.

U S Rathor (L) and Tarik Pirzada (R) [File Photos]

U S Rathor (L) and Tarik Pirzada (R) [File Photos]

To seek comments from former senior defence officers of India and Pakistan, a TV channel invited Tarik Peerzada, former defence specialist of Pakistan, and U. S. Rathour, Retired Col. of Indian army in “discussion” over Narendra Modi’s statement.

While discussing Narendra Modi’s comments both reportedly engaged in war of word. According to a news reported by Daily Ajit, a Punjabi vernacular, Tarik Peerzada threatened India with Pakistan’s nuclear weapons. He said Pakistan was in full capacity to engage in war with India and any war this time would be a “nuclear war”.

From Indian side, Col. U. S. Rathor, said that if the situation of war between two countries arise, the Pakistan would “disappear” from globe as India’s nuclear weapons were more powerful than that of Pakistan.

In one of it’s recent Editorials the New York Times had highlighted India’s role in the Nuclear race in the south-Asian region.

The hostility between India and Pakistan, and the nuclear weapons possessed by these countries are major cause of concern for the region.

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