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Media War against Sikhs – Indian media’s falsehood exposed once again

January 30, 2012 | By

An excerpt from a News report (as accessed on 30/01/2012 @ 22:48 IST)

Amritsar, Punjab (January 30, 2012): Indian media was reporting since last two months that Pro-Khalistan Sikh leaders, allegedly hiding somewhere in Pakistan, were planning to trigger blasts to halt election process in Punjab. This falsehood was exposed as nothing of the sort happened in Punjab today, rather there are reports of some local clashes between supporters of “mainstream” political parties. These “mainstream” political parties indulged in distribution of cash, liquor, poppy husk, opium and other intoxicants to lure voters.

Media was reporting that there were firm inputs available with Intelligence agencies of India that Sikh militants hiding in Pakistan with support of Pakistan’s agency ISI were planning to trigger blasts on public places and target “prominent” persons, including some politicians and sect-heads.

This is not the first time that falsehood of Indian Media’s propaganda is exposed, rather it is now turning to be a thing of routine occurrence in Punjab.

In November 2009 on the eve of 25th anniversary of genocidal violence against Sikhs, Sikh bodies were organizing one day shut down on of 3rd November (2009). A prominent Punjabi newspaper claimed to possess the copy of “top secret” communication, alleged to have taken place between Senior officer of Intelligence Bureau (IB) of India and Ministry of Home Affairs (Government of India – GOI). The news report warned that despite the repeated assurances and claims made by Sikh bodies that the shut down would be peaceful, there was enough input available with the IB that Sikh militants hiding in Pakistan would trigger incidents of bomb blasts and public  shooting on the 25th anniversary of November 1984 violence against Sikhs.

When the Sikh Siyasat contacted the journalist said to have reported the concerned news report, admitted that even he did not believe that November 3, 2009 shutdown would witness any sort of violence. He said it was policy of his newspaper to carry such reports and it was him employment compulsion to fabricate such stories.

These highly sensitive news reports accusing Sikhs for plotting to hit public with violence are published by Indian media on a routine basis, whenever Punjab is engaged in some process of political importance, such as mass mobilization by Sikhs (to mark ghallughaha or holocaust day or public movement against anti-Sikh activities of certain State patronized cults), SGPC elections or assembly elections etc.

Independent observers told “Sikh Siyasat” that this was part of media-war against the Sikhs and their cause. Such news contents, when published repeatedly on selective occasions, serve a specific purpose of terrorizing the people of Punjab. This way the State projects Pro-Independence Sikhs as a threat to public safety and tries to discredit them and at the same time presents a very negative image of the cause of proposed Sikh State or Khalistan.

Another political observers was of the view that it was not a random phenomena rather an effective tool of psychological warfare initiated by the Indian state against the Sikhs.

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