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Nations Without States to hold Scottish Referendum Public Dialogue in Slough on 14 September

September 10, 2014 | By

London, United Kingdom (September 10, 2014): As the Scottish Referendum rapidly approaches, campaigners from diverse ethnic nations in England are holding a special public dialogue on Sunday 14th September 2014 in Slough, west of London – hosted by ‘Nations Without States’ (NWS).

A combination of campaign groups, comprising Nations Without States, Parliamentarians for Self-Determination, International Chamber for Peace & Conciliation, Kesri Lehar and 1984 Genocide Coalition; are bringing together communities to discuss the paramount significance of the Referendum for the UK and the world.

[File Photo used for representational purpose]

[File Photo used for representational purpose]

“The Scottish Referendum is a profoundly important step, not just in British history but global affairs. It has direct relevance to the cases of numerous nations spread across the world map; which are locked within gigantic, inflexible states like India, Pakistan, China, Nigeria, Indonesia, Spain.” says Jagdeesh Singh of the Sikh Community Action Network (Slough).

“This monumental opportunity for the people of Scotland to directly and openly decide on their political status, starkly contrasts with the violent suppression of nations like the Tamils, Sikhs, Kashmiris, Kurds, Sabah-Swarak, Tibetan, Naga, Baluchi in various parts of the globe.” say campaigners.

The Scottish Referendum is a refreshing and empowering example of how multiple nations within a single state, can mutually and sensibly debate, argue and decide on their relationship – including separation and independence – without violence, ethnic cleansing, human rights aggression and military warfare. Campaigners say, the Scottish case is a rare example, which needs to be made mainstream across the world. This is direct, human-scale democracy, rather than the London-Westminster political parties and ruling elites deciding.

“The multiple gigantic states of the world, should learn from the Scottish example, which is authentic British democracy in action. Tragically, over 2/3 of the worlds’ states remain decades behind, as they enforce and superimpose their centralizing power rather than release and surrender power to the disaffected and discontented peoples seeking to disengage from their political structures.” say campaigners.

In places like Kashmir, Punjab, Tamil Ealam, Sabah-Swarak, Basque country, Catalonia, Baluchistan the indigenous peoples are being held in check and political subjugation through the overwhelming might and repression of the respective states, whose sole focus is preservation of political-territorial power.

Campaigners from multiple ethnic nations, have previously said through the umbrella group Nations Without States, that a YES vote for Scottish independence, represents the confident and courageous rise of a people to a dignified and equal position in world affairs where they can positively contribute and assert their position as a national people, culture and country.

“Scotland deserves independence, just like all real nations of the world. The financial scaremongering and blackmail of the pro-Unionist Westminster political coterie, is a desperate and unprincipled attempt to scare and mislead the Scottish people into remaining locked into London rule. The robust message to London is to treat your neighbor as a capable equal, and not a minor.” says Jagdeesh Singh.

“The world map needs to change to reflect the real, diverse, multiple nations of the world – a mosaic of numerous small states.”

If we truly believe in dignity and justice for Scotland, then we should welcome and encourage it to mature to a full-fledged state. A confident, independent Scotland can and will be an important friend and ally to the remaining United Kingdom. “We should be giving Scotland the space and opportunity to breath and expand on its own, and not be holding it in back with notional claims of financial ruin and flat refusal to co-operate with it on a common currency and other common agreements.” says Jagdeesh Singh.

The refusal to engage with an independent Scotland, evidences veiled racism. It corresponds with the language of hate, denial and rejection seen across India, Pakistan, China, Sri Lanka, Nigeria and Zimbawe against nations aspiring to break free. The embittered language of Cameron, Brown and Darling, is entirely characteristic of domination and control, and an intolerance towards a free, equal and self-sufficient Scotland.

The Scottish example is an inspiration for other nations of the United Kingdom – English, Welsh, Cornish, Irish, to equally come forward and seek maximum devolution and recognition of their place and role in the world. Union to devolution to independence is a natural, organic progress. May it spread more and more across the globe! The Referendum will substantially change the United Kingdom for the better.

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