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New disclosures of British PM Margret Thatcher’s Hostility Towards Sikhs in 1984

December 30, 2014 | By

London: A release by 1984 Genocide Coalitions says [f]urther top secret information has emerged about Margaret Thatcher’s averse and hostile attitude towards Sikhs; twelve months after initial disclosures of the British Prime Minister’s active collusion with the Indian government, in giving ‘advice’ and full moral support for the Indian government’s military genocide on Sikhs in 1984.

Latest media reports have revealed that, during talks held between the Prime Minister of Ireland and Margaret Thatcher in November 1984, the latter made direct cynical reference to Sikhs. During the course of a 2-hour meeting with the Irish PM, centring on the Irish government’s demand for security and safety of Irish Catholics in Northern Ireland; Margaret Thatcher retorted back with ‘Were the Sikhs in Southall to be allowed to fly their own flag?’

This was Thatcher’s negative dismissal of Irish Catholics seeking rights and safeguards in Northern Ireland, and cynically equating them with the “Were the Sikhs in Southall to be allowed to fly their own flag?”

Campaigners from Kesri Lehar and the 1984 Genocide Coalition, say such comments reveal the pattern of hostility and antagonism held by Margaret Thatcher towards the Sikhs. “The emergence at this moment of these latest top secret disclosures, serves to re-inforce the potently incriminating information arising from the initial disclosures we made in January 2014.”

On 12 January 2014, activists from the above two groups, widely published key top secret documents about the British and Indian government collaboration in the June 1984 genocidal military onslaught on Panjaab.

Campaigners says, 30 years since the gruesome genocide against the Sikhs in Panjaab and across India, and a sustained violent genocidal war on the Sikh population, with over 100,000 dead; the current and preceding British government have entirely sided with the Indian government. They have sought to maintain a ‘special relationship’ with India as a regional superpower, keen to sell military hardware to India and sustained cosy relations to further commercial trade. India is currently the world’s biggest global arms purchaser, despite the open, public fact that Indian government schools do not have toilets and over 1/3 of its 1.5 billion population live in starvation.

Campaigners say that British Governments and their crooked foreign policies have caused devastation to Sikhs in 1849, in 1947, in 1984 and still continue to do so now.

Both Labour and Tory governments over the last 30-years, have avidly stood shoulder to shoulder with the Indian government despite its gruesome record of genocide, torture, police killings, mass corruption and state terrorism on peoples in Kashmir, Panjaab, Gujaraat, Nagaland, Assam, Manipur and Muslims and Dalits across the gigantic Indian super-state. India has failed its 2013 UN Human Rights Test. According to the European Union sponsored South Asia Centre for Human Rights (New Dheli), four civilians die each day in Indian police cells due to torture.

“The British Government, regardless of political party, has maintained full collusion with the tyranny, oppression and corruption of the Indian state.” Say campaigners. “There is a compelling, instinctive desire to appease the Indian government.”

Campaigners say this entire snow-balling apathy and cruel rejection of Sikhs, Kashmiris, Dalits and other communities, should serve to awaken and mobilise these communities into a more conscious approach to the forthcoming general elections. “Rather than allowing their votes to be taken granted for by mainstream Labour, Tory and Liberal Democrats, who together have served to prop up and massage the horrors and injustices of the Indian state; these affected communities should unite their electoral power and vote for specific candidates who robustly speak up for their suppressed rights.”

Campaigners are urging Sikh, Kashmiri, Tamil, Dalit and other communities to unite and hold PUBLIC QUESTION TIMES with local political candidates in readiness for the May 2015 General Elections. “Political candidates need to be pressed and scrutinised on their exact stand and existing record on the dire human rights, genocide and self-determination issues which directly affect the communities in the UK.”

Campaigners say, we will not be duped with convoluted political mish-mash about housing, tax cuts, overcoming the UK national debt, etc. “We want demonstrable positive action on foreign policy towards India. If Tory, Labour and Liberal Democrat won’t commit and deliver, then they don’t deserve our vote.”

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