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No faith in Indian Judicial System, says Bhai Balwant Singh Rajoana

October 1, 2009 | By

File Photo: Bhai Balwant Singh Rajoana

File Photo: Bhai Balwant Singh Rajoana

Chandigarh (October 01, 2009) In a letter dated 10 August 2009, addressed to Cheif Justice of Punjab and Haryana High Court, Bhai Balwant Singh Rajoana has clarified that he has no faith in Indian Justice. Bhai Balwant Singh Rajoana is currently lodged in Burail Jail and is sentenced to Death by Court of sessions subject to confirmation of High Court in CM Beant Singh assassination case.

Here is English Translation of Letter of Bhai Balwant Singh Rajoana:

Hon’ble Chief Justice
Punjab and Haryana High Court

Through the Deputy Superintendent, Model Jail, Chandigarh

In the case of Government of Punjab versus Gurmeet Singh and Others (Beant Singh Assassination Case)

Your Honour, I had informed the High Court, in an earlier communication too that I have not appealed against the death sentence awarded to me in this case by the Sessions Court, as I have no faith nor do I believe at in the judicial system of this country, whereas the other convicts in the case have filed appeals in the Court as they have faith in the system.  Therefore my death reference case should be tried separately and whatever decision the High Court proposes to takes that may be done in an expeditious manner.  I have neither asked the High Court to hang me soon, as has been reported in all the newspapers, nor have I asked that death sentence be delayed and nor have I begged for my life from the High Court.

Your Honour, on my request the High Court in its order on 7 August has taken a decision that my case be heard alongside others and that the court has appointed one S. S. Dinarpur as my lawyer to plead on my behalf. I respect the sentiments of this court and that of the lawyer, whom I do not even know.

Your Honour, without my request, without my desire, without me asking for it, without my approval, if the court has appointed the said lawyer, with due respect, I decline to accept the services of the said lawyer. Without any authorization through a Vakalatnama (lawyer’s brief acceptance note), if any one, attempts to represent me, then it would be nothing but a judicial farce; nothing else.  Had I wanted a lawyer for myself, I would have done it 14 years ago.

ur Honour, may I mention for the kind information of this court that even in the Sessions Court, I did not have a counsel. I did not contest my own case and did not cross-examine any of the witnesses.  During the case proceedings, the Sessions Judge too had suggested that a lawyer can be appointed by the court for me. Even then I had respectfully declined to have a lawyer.  I had told the judge that it was with my own hands that I had tied a bomb around the body of my friend (Bhai Dilawar Singh); with my own eyes I saw my dear friend, who was more than a brother to me, who for the fulfillment of his mission,  vanished into thin air after the explosion. Then, how can I claim that I am innocent, why should I have a counsel, my soul does not allow me to do so, why should I have a counsel; my soul does not allow me to do so. After hearing this, the Hon’ble Judge accepted my assertion of not having a lawyer.

our Honour, even on a previous occasion, I have categorically stated to this High Court that in a country where the religion of Sikhs is attacked with tanks and heavy artillery, where the Supreme Court of the Sikhs –Sri Akal Takht Sahib is reduced to rubble; that law which does not apply to the killers of thousands of innocent Sikhs, that legal system which while contesting it, thousands of my brethren attained martyrdom, I refuse to file an appeal against the death sentence awarded to me and I do not accept the domination of such a system.

Your Honour, the legal and judicial system of this country has always followed double standards. In June 1984, when the Congress government from Delhi launched a massive tirade against the Sikhs and attacked Sri Akal Takht Sahib with tanks and artillery, then these officers who were responsible for the brutal killing of thousands of innocent pilgrims, such officers were decorated with medals and promotions to high offices by the rulers of this country, thereby rubbing salt on the wounds of the Sikhs.  Again, when in November 1984, after the assassination of Indira Gandhi, when in the capital city of Delhi and other prominent cities of the country, Indian patriots hounded thousands of Sikhs on the streets of Delhi and then massacred them.  Daughters and sisters of Sikhs were raped, brutally assaulted and killed.  The elderly, children and women were killed mercilessly and their home and hearth set afire.  Sadly, no law, no military, no commandos prevented the killers from going on their killing spree.

The dead bodies of the Sikhs were plucked and eaten by dogs and jackals. Their only crime was they were Sikhs. Thousands of Sikhs were killed. Your Honour, even after 25 years, no law of the country has arrested the killers under any provision of law; no court has awarded any punishment to the perpetrators.  On the contrary, they have been honoured with high offices and cabinet posts.

Your Honour, when their other brethren (BJP) demolished the Babri Masjid, the sentiments of millions of Muslims was deeply hurt, No law prevented them from doing the heinous act. Again, after the ‘Godhra incident’ in Ahmedabad, thousands of Muslims were killed, merely on grounds that were Muslims. Even then the whole judicial system was benumbed into silence and allowed the perpetrators to continue their acts, totally unchecked. Yet again, when the religious places of Christians were destroyed in Orissa and their properties set on fire, even then the system remained a mute spectator.

Judge Sahib, I wish to ask of thee –these people who killed thousands of innocent Sikhs, innocent Muslims and innocent Christians, are they not terrorists? Why don’t the armed forces of the country and the law of the land make efforts to stop them? On the other hand, if a five-star hotel is attacked in Mumbai, then the army of the country reaches the scene double-quick. Commandos rush from Delhi to Mumbai and start action; merely in the matter of one night it is known to them as to which village in Pakistan is the home village of the killers. On the other hand, exactly opposite to this, despite the passing of 25 years, it is still not known who the killers in Delhi were. In such a scenario when they killers are too well known, how can one trust the honesty of those are defenders of the law.

Judge Sahib, those rulers who attacked the Sikh religion, those who demolished the Babri Masjid, those who killed thousands of innocent Sikhs, they are designated as sons of Mother Bharat and defenders of Bharat whereas when someone kills these mass murderers , he is dubbed as a ‘terrorist’. On the other hand, you have people who are protected with security guards, bullet-proof vehicles and bullet-proof jackets and on the other hand, those who become human bombs to fight the injustice of such people, those who gladly embrace martyrdom –you may kindly ponder over the question –who is a terrorist? Who is a patriot? Please do ponder.

Judge Sahib, Beant Singh too was a pawn of this killer system of the Congress government at the Centre, which had consciously and deliberately foisted him as the Chief Minister of Punjab and through whom the genocide of Sikhs was attempted. During his tenure, thousands of Sikh youth were dragged out of their homes, killed extrajudicially and their bodies cremated as ‘unidentified bodies’.  Those who were mandated to protect the defend justice, became judges, courts, police and killers –all rolled into one and in return for all this, they were regularly rewarded bravery awards.  All this was done by the Congress party Chief Minister Beant Singh under directions and instructions from Delhi.

Judge Sahib, Beant Singh was the killer of thousands of innocent Sikhs, who was punished by Bhai Dilawar Singh for his deeds. If fighting against such tyrannical people and killing them is terrorism, then, yes, I am a terrorist. I have absolutely no regrets about participating in this murder conspiracy. For this deed, the death penalty awarded to me would be accepted by me as a blessing from Lord Almighty awards me death penalty.  I accept this punishment; however, I refuse to kowtow before such an impotent system which protects killers.

Your Honour, on the one hand, ministerships and chief ministership in lieu of the murder of innocent people and on the other hand, capital punishment for killing a mass murderer. I accept this. I accept this. I accept this. I refuse to accept the subjugation of such people.

Balwant Singh Rajoana

Model Jail, Chandigarh

Kothi No. 5

(10 August 2009)

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