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On Vasakhi Day- Dal Khalsa urges Sikhs to remain united to foil enemies nefarious designs

April 14, 2012 | By

Meeting of Dal Khalsa at Hoshiarpur, Punjab

Hoshiarpur, Punjab (April 13, 2012): Marking the 313th birth anniversary of the Khalsa Panth on Friday, the Dal Khalsa urged the youth to take up the responsibility of cleansing politics from its current maladies instead of confining themselves to demanding their rights.

Speaking at a gathering held here, Harcharanjit Singh Dhami, president of the group made a proverbial call to empower (politically and socially) younger generation to save them from falling into the trap of social evils like apostasy and drug menace.

“Politics influences all aspects of life and youth should be prepared to take up the challenge to cleanse the system,” he said.

Flanked by party’s general secretary Dr Manjinder Singh and spokesperson Kanwar Pal Singh, he further said, “Today is our National day. Though British suspended the political sovereignty of the Sikh people with the annexation of Punjab in 1849 yet we, the Sikhs, remain a Nation though subjugated. Sikhs having separate and distinct identity has been struggling for justice and freedom against all odds”.

The Dal Khalsa leader urged Sikh groups to defeat the designs of all such sects and cults, which were propagating the concept of “living gurus” contrary to the fundamentals of the Sikh faith.

The organization reasserted that none but the Granth Sahib is the perpetual Guru of the Sikh people. Referring to the clash of perceptions about the authenticity of Dasam Granth, he said, “enemy agencies are hatching conspiracies to divide us on religious lines. We have to remain united to foil their nefarious designs.”

Commenting on the enactment of the Anand Marriage Act, Kanwar Pal Singh said it was a fundamental right of the Sikh people to have their own Marriage Act and by denying it the Indian govt was doing injustice to the community. After so much dilly-dallying, the government though belatedly has conceded to give the community its right.

The Sikhs have been fighting to correct the constitutional wrong since long and finally their struggle has bore the fruit. We hope the parliamentarians cutting across the party lines will lend their support in passing the bill in the parliament, he said.

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