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Sikh Siyasat welcomes all kinds of opinions. Sikh Siyasat holds the right to review and decide with regard to publication of such opinions. Writeups submitted for publication on Sikh Siyasat are reviewed by the Editor or anyone else authorised by the Editor.

Basic guidelines regarding publication of writeups is that these should be in civilised language, should not be factually incorrect, opinion expressed should not be unreasonable.

Sikh Siyasat may or may not add a note, alongside the writeups expressing opinions, that views expressed are personal views of the author; but in either case opinion pieces published on Sikh Siyasat News does not necessarily reflect the viewpoint of the SSN on matters discussed in such writeups.

If anyone holding a view to views published on Sikh Siyasat News sends his/her own writeup, Sikh Siyasat will decide about publication of such write up as primary submission, i.e. an independent and initial submission.