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Professor Bhullar – Why every Sikh should spend every day to help him

July 14, 2011 | By

Time is always of the urgency. You have little time for leisure, for your kids, your family, to become famous, to keep the roof over your head. When has any of this time ever, ever in the evolution of our religion been applied in Gurubani or in our religious history fighting persecution? Do we wonder if people looked good a hundred years ago or if their children went onto have successful careers. Our religion is on the edge of a sword. The edge of the sword is this- We cannot sleep one day without knowing we have fought against persecution and helped victims. Not one day.

Professor Bhullar is not a news article. He is the one major issue of a miscarriage of justice within so called democracy. Within so called democracy everywhere.

Every sikh has to petition their members of parliament, their councillors, and then fax/email their own prime minister/president every single day. And Email/fax the Indian president and her entourage every single day.
You’re getting the message.

If you think there are elaborate groups, plentiful resourced sitting out there to fight against torture or anything else please don’t wait until you are the wrong person at the wrong time stuck in these terrible bureacratic systems that crush people.

Our Gurus fought against the systems crushing people at their time.
You must fight through human rights. Approach the New York Times Editorial. The Washington Post. You don’t have to be a media expert. You don’t even have to write in German. Approach the Spiegel, die Zeit.

If millions of Sikhs were literally emailing/faxing/blackberrying which no doubt they would for their own personal leisure, business etc. for the Prof. Bhullar we would have public pressure growing.

Aside from a small article in the Spiegel- and that by an Islamabad correspondent and dots of news in Canadian papers.

Professor Bhullar could be executed ANY TIME and still
no one would lose any sleep.

Please be a Sikh and help this person every day.

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