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Punjab 1984 Movie review by SWAT (London)

July 6, 2014 | By

London, United Kingdom (July 06, 2014): SWAT were kindly invited to the premiere of ‘Panjab 1984’ last night by Dharam Sewa Records.

Maximum amount of respect to these guys for the amount of work and effort they have put in to promote this film, one thing we would like to make clear is they had no input into the content of the film and too felt let down.

Dharam Sewa Records are trying to make a difference through music. We feel that there are bigger forces at work behind the scenes in this film to discredit the Sikhs globally.

PUNJAB 1984 has been a much anticipated film, especially with it being released on the 30th anniversary of the attack but what is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about 1984? The attack on Sri Harimandar Sahib and the suffering of the Sikhs? Was this depicted in the film? NO!

A promotional poster of Punjab 1984 movie.

A promotional poster of Punjab 1984 movie.

PUNJAB 1984! WOW what a powerful title! All the Sikhs excited! This is the one! This film will show the truth! Even the trailer was exciting! But was it? NO! This film should have been titled “Love Story of 1984″ because that’s what it was about! The title has been hijacked and made Sikhs look like terrorists! It shows Pakistan in a bad light, depicting Sikh terrorists going over the border to train with Islamic fighters! It shows the SIKH terrorists pulling off Hindus from buses and killing them indiscriminately! There are absolutely no facts about June or November 1984 and what happened with the Sikhs and how they suffered, how they were raped, murdered and pillaged. This film shows Sikhs selling themselves out for power, it shows Sikhs being totally fragmented and consumed with a power struggle, and depicts a young Hindu boy looking after his Sikhs friends mother and then being killed by Sikh terrorists! This seems to be part of the script to show Sikhs as being barbaric and being unable to coexist with their fellow countrymen that they have grown up with. Khalistan was repeatedly mentioned throughout the film but this without any substance? We have nothing against any other faith and believe we should all live in harmony as Guru Nanak instructed!

Our advice to you the Sangat is don’t waste your money and watch this film it’s a total let down and government propaganda – please form your own opinions based on FACTS.

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