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Punjab wants Independence from India: Dal Khalsa activists hit roads with Azadi Sankalp March

August 13, 2014 | By

Jalandhar, Punjab (August 13, 2014): Observing August 13 as “Azaadi Sankalp Divas”, Dal Khalsa stressed that the struggle of Sikhs is aimed to find an independent foothold in the comity of nations. As protagonists of Sikh independence, the organization asked the Indian leadership to honour all broken promises made by Hindu leaders before and after transfer of power in 1947.

To commemorate organization’s 36th foundation day, a Conference on the subject of Azaadi-The only way, was held here today at a local gurdwara. At the conclusion of the conference, hundreds of party activists carrying saffron flags, banners and placards took to streets to convey their message. The organization distributed posters and leaflets to passing by and gave a call to stay away from15th August celebrations. Activists were wearing T-shirts on which Azaadi-the only way was inscribed along with portrait of Sant Bhindrawale.

Dal Khalsa holds Azadi march in Jalandhar city

Dal Khalsa holds Azadi march in Jalandhar city

While addressing the spirited gathering of youngsters, party head Harchranjit Singh Dhami said 67 years ago, Hindus got their independence on 15 August while Muslims got it on 14 August. Extending congratulations to both Muslims and Hindus on their 67th independence day, he said Sikh Nation missed the bus as it was not lucky enough to get their own homeland. He said since then Sikhs have been aspiring for their sovereign self-rule. Ruing the torturous and humiliating journey of the last seven decades, the party president said that the community regrets the decision of the then Sikh leaders to join Union of India.

Another view of Azadi March held by Dal Khalsa in Jalandhar City on August 13, 2014

Another view of Azadi March held by Dal Khalsa in Jalandhar City on August 13, 2014

Giving the call to Sikhs to observe 15th Aug as a black day, he said there was no reason for Sikhs to celebrate India’s independence day. Rather it should be a day to pledge to reinforce our efforts to break the shackles of slavery.

He however made it clear that Sikhs do not have any enmity with India or its people but their fight is with the rulers and policy makers of this country who have betrayed the Sikhs and who are a main hurdle in granting right to self determination to our people.

He said their group was asking for the right of self-determination for the people of the state. India should allow plebiscite in Punjab –in case the people decide to be with the Union of India, we will accept it, said Dhami. He hastened to add that such a plebiscite must be held under the auspices of the United Nations.

The message of organization’s patron and exiled leader Gajinder Singh was read out by Sarbjit Singh Ghuman. In his message, he said “I believe the only way for permanent peace and growth in this region is that people of Punjab, Kashmir and other struggling people should be given the choice through self-determination, which is the right of every nationality”.

A Sikh youth holds a poster declaring that Punjab wants freedom from India.

A Sikh youth holds a poster declaring that Punjab wants freedom from India.

Taking RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat to task for stating that the cultural identity of all Indians is Hindutva, he said Sikhs take it as an affront to their separate distinct identity. Sikhs are not Hindus and we reiterate this loud and clear.

He said ever since the Modi Sarkar was formed, RSS has got a field day to mock and tease minorities. The RSS leadership is working towards transforming India into a Hindu rashtra in real terms. “With a hardcore Hindutva face at the helm of affairs, RSS has started playing the Hindu card brazenly”, said he. Doing tough talk, he said majority fundamentalism breeds minority fundamentalism and this is what happened in the past that led to unrest in Punjab.

Announcing his party’s future plans, Satnam Singh said the party would endeavour to expand its base and strengthen its organisational structure.

Welcoming the statement of Telangana Rastra Samiti Rajya Sabha Member Parliament, Ms. K Kavitha, party spokesperson Kanwar Pal Singh condemned the registration of a case against her under sedition laws. He echoed Kavitha’s statement that J & K and Telangana were both forcefully annexed to India. Praising Kavitha for showing courage to speak truth, he said Sikhs too were cheated by the Indian leadership. “Kavitha reinforced our standpoint that India follows a smash and grab policy vis-à-vis ethnic and religious minorities, he added.

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